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    This forum has no problem sending reminder emails that i should pay to support but when i posted a question i got no responses, that would be fine if i wasnt constantly being asked for money. Ill pass and deactivate, thank you for your time.
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    Is this excitement or pain?

    Im a little new to chinchilla owning, i have 4 now and have become comfortably familiar with most of their behavior, but one of my males has started acting different and i cant tell if hes in pain or if its the new female. They are caged separately but moderately close together so they can see...
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    New baby is nervous

    I finally got my new baby, shes under a year old and its only been 1 night but she just looks so scared, shes been sitting in the same corner since i brought her home midday yesterday, shes come out to eat and took some treats from my hand but VERY skiddishly, I have 2 adult males and they didnt...
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    Pet Wanted Looking for a chin

    Any kind, any gender In illinois :D
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    New Member

    Heyoo! My names Raven I have 2 standard gray male chinchillas named Bean and Boba and theyre about 2 years old, I found out about the forum by google searching questions about chins, this website frequently popped up. I know this forum is for chins and hedgies but if anyone is interested in...
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    Mochi & Mocha from The Netherlands💓

    I wish i could edit replies I just read your whole post and im so sorry to hear about this ☹️
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    Mochi & Mocha from The Netherlands💓

    OMG I have 2 standard grays Bean and Boba and ive been dieing to add a mosaic to name Mochi 😭😭😭😭 Beautiful!!