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  1. Dustbunnies

    Ninja chinchilla

    My Pepper does a vertical one...hopping on a box kicking the wall and landing in a 180 in the same spot. I live to see their ninja skills as signs of their well-being!
  2. Dustbunnies

    Middle Layer of Fleece Liners

    Well, ideally we would use all fleece, but I have a preshrunk towel in the middle of mine. It is well sewn in (all turned in seems with tight stitching about 1.5" from the edges, too. I change it every other day. They hold up well through washing and drying and are absorbent. I check it...
  3. Dustbunnies


    There is usually no thrashing or violent movements. Typically it changes during the seizure to a variety of strange poses, twitching, and muscle contractions. There is a vacant look on her face and a hunkering down. Sometimes the back spreads low and makes them "drag" as you described. Then she...
  4. Dustbunnies


    One of my chins has seizures. She has had blood work...normal. She does have a heart arrhythmia, however. She will seize if stressed out. She can not watch tv or have a lot of input (noise, lights, etc.). Especially avoid tv or computer/phone screens in a dark room. Low blood sugar can cause...
  5. Dustbunnies

    Oxbow hay question

    I recently got the 25lb box through Dr. Foster and Smith. It is really soft...almost too soft. Usually the pet store has stemmy oxbow but the closest one recently relocated and ordered new hay! It was so much softer. But this box was softer than that. The only problem with that is a lot of small...
  6. Dustbunnies

    What a creep!

    Careful... They chew their apple sticks into little spears... And you are within reach! He's got daggers for you... Literally.
  7. Dustbunnies

    Poo Poo Platter

    My chins eat poop all day long and leave poops all night long. I don't know how many they eat in a day, but it's a lot.
  8. Dustbunnies

    How do you keep fleece liners in Bass pans?

    Mine are thick with a towel sewn well in between two layers of fleece. They peel back the corners sometimes but have never moved them significantly.
  9. Dustbunnies

    Photos of Ralphy's skin...

    I am curious about this, too. One of my chins has the itchies too much even with 46% and higher humidity and the same dust bath frequency and pellets.
  10. Dustbunnies

    eye issue turnd to something else....

    When my chin had bloat/stasis the E-vet managed an IV with fluids and bupren (pain med) and it pulled her through...while she was at the vet she was eagerly eating hay and critical care. Fluids (IV or Sub Q) are wonderful for these mystery problems. Good luck!
  11. Dustbunnies

    Chinsitting in Dallas area?

    I'm in North Dallas (Lewisville). I never leave them either. If you are close I may be able to take care of them. PM me if you want.
  12. Dustbunnies

    White cotton

    I have my dinning area with wood floors blocked off with a fleece wall for my chins. But even then , I have lots of fleece to cover things they should avoid. Go to joann fabrics with a mailer coupon or on a day (most always) when the fleece is on sale and by a bunch to drape instead of towels.
  13. Dustbunnies

    Cute chinny puzzle I got for xmas!

    My mom got me this awesome wooden puzzle from Etsy:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade
  14. Dustbunnies

    Chinchilla in Target ad

    I'm loving that! And I think that is the first ad or pic of a chin (commercially) I have ever seen where then chin was dusted and healthy looking. The snake looks shopped in, at least ;)
  15. Dustbunnies

    Chin front teeth

    It looks like it is curled back, but that then the chewing has worn down the lower surface of it (where the bottom teeth hit the top because they can't slip behind them like they are supposed to). They would need to be filed professionally to get rid of the curved part and let the teeth sit...
  16. Dustbunnies

    Cuddle Buddy Stuffing Question

    You really should make it washable...that is why I put fleece inside mine...and so that if they get to the middle, the insides won't be dangerous. You can't wash and dry hay or would mold. Even if he only pees on it or something, it could get yucky. You could put some other fabric...
  17. Dustbunnies

    If your chinchilla could talk...

    That is exactly what Pepper does....the barrier is now 3 feet high and she still tries.
  18. Dustbunnies

    If your chinchilla could talk...

    Too funny!!!!!!!!!! I love it! My chins would stream cuss words....but I would love it. "get the **** in here and let me out!" "I am a princess I will do whatever the **** I want" and "Out of the way dumb ***, I'll chew on the wall if I **** well want to!" I would love it if they could tell...
  19. Dustbunnies

    Is my shelter NUTS?!?!?!?!?!

    Wow, two animals hop and they must eat the same thing! Although, yes, I could totally imagine kits piling into the pouch with their wittle feets going all over the place....but thats because it would be adorable. I am glad you got them. I am also glad they got them if they rescued them from a...