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  1. hkkjstwcl

    Injured Kit, Swollen Head

    I'm so happy for you and your chin. You did an amazing job, and I admire you for all your effort.
  2. hkkjstwcl

    Argh! Craigslist people!!

    Interesting CL post (Washington D.C.) ~What do you think? Post: AND Somebody's Reply (Not me):
  3. hkkjstwcl

    Has anyone got one of these wheels from Pets at Home?

    I agree. And I would never use a wheel that are not attached to the cage.
  4. hkkjstwcl

    Hi, My name is Tara!

    How cute!!!!
  5. hkkjstwcl

    Sad news

    I am so so sorry about the sad incident and your lost chinchillas. I hope you and your family the best of luck for the rest of the year.
  6. hkkjstwcl

    My Hoglets :)

    the mommy is cute! I always find the mom even cuter than babies in baby and mom-pictures. awwwww
  7. hkkjstwcl

    What do you think about "Scarlett Nutra Rabbit 17.5% for chins? there are more info about this feed.....
  8. hkkjstwcl

    What do you think about "Scarlett Nutra Rabbit 17.5% for chins?

    Hi. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!!!!! :) I would really appreciate your thoughts on this rabbit feed for chins. Scarlett Nutra Rabbit 17.5%: Ingredients: WHEAT MIDDLINGS, DEHYDRATED ALFALFA MEAL, SOYBEAN HULLS, DEHULLED SOYBEAN MEAL, CORN MEAL, CANE MOLASSES, SOYBEAN OIL, LIGNIN...
  9. hkkjstwcl

    HELP! Doe became very agressive to her hutch mates after spay!!!

    Thanks for yoiur advice. I was very surprized that she became a stranger to them after ONLY A WEEK!!!! So, do you think that a week of separation is long enough for chins and rabbits to forget their cage mates?
  10. hkkjstwcl

    HELP! Doe became very agressive to her hutch mates after spay!!!

    1) Leona--- lionhead doe 2yr old (FIXED ABOUT A WEEK AGO) 2) Giselle ---English Angora doe 1.5 yr old (UNFIXED) 3) Miraglo --BEW small mixed doe 2 yr old (new girl in the house --about 2 months--FIXED BEFORE I GOT HER) These three does are having a difficult time bonding again. Leona always...
  11. hkkjstwcl

    Celebrities who have chinchillas!

    ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has 12 chins! Well, not quite yet. He will have them after dumping Anna and marry me. Buy his new song, "I like it" now!!!!!:couple2::couple::expecting::boystork::heart4:
  12. hkkjstwcl

    Whose Birthday is it? 11/17/10

    :HBcake::HB2::bdayparty::HB11::HBwhistle: Enjoy Your Day!!!!
  13. hkkjstwcl

    Great Deal? Hay Cubes, Dust, etc... RYERSON CHINCHILLAS

    Good to know. Do you prefer 'Netrena' OR 'Tradition' over PRCS? I have reado some threads here and have a good feeling about PRCS, too. Please let me know of your thoughts about those feed. Thanks.
  14. hkkjstwcl

    Great Deal? Hay Cubes, Dust, etc... RYERSON CHINCHILLAS

    Hi. I just find this website. Maybe some of you guys already know. But, Ryerson Chinchillas seems to have great deal of chinchilla feed for owners who have multiple chins like myself. (I also have a few bunnies, so I have lots of mouths to feed!!! I am the bread earner of the house, and those...
  15. hkkjstwcl

    Whose Birthday is it? 11/16/10

    :HB::HBcake::HBwhistle::HB11::HB7: Enjoy Your Day!!!!!!
  16. hkkjstwcl

    Whose Birthday is it? 11/15/10

    :HBcake::bdayparty::HBballoons4::HB10: Happy birthday!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!
  17. hkkjstwcl

    Potty Trained Chins?

    My chinnies r more or less litter trained; my girls r almost perfect, but a few boys r not. Can anyone suggest chinnie-safe boxes? What do u use and where can I get them?
  18. hkkjstwcl

    New pics

    awwww, such good looking-fur babies!
  19. hkkjstwcl

    Ferret Nation 142- Great Deal

    Yeah, I missed the Amazon deal by a few hours. I put one in shopping cart in the morning, and while I was wondering around, the deal expired. In the afernoon, when I was about to pay, I discovered that the price had gone up to 199... Congraz to those who acted quickly. Job well done.
  20. hkkjstwcl

    Nibbles =(

    I understand that you don't want to do nercopsy. I just wonder and wonder why he passed, but I would not do nercopsy, either. When my chins passed, I was going to get nercopsy done and get them crimated until the moment in which I saw their bodies (separate incidents in separate days though). I...