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  1. ninjamyst

    Chins and dogs

    My wife and I live in a condo. We have 3 dogs (small Havaneses). We are looking to buy a chinchilla. Will they do well together? I am worried about the dogs barking during the day when we are at work and stressing out the chin.
  2. ninjamyst

    Learning C++ questions

    why C++? what kind of software are you looking to create? windows forms? web applications? mobile apps? As software architect for a healthcare IT firm, I can say C# is a better language to learn if you want to stay with Microsoft technology. The best way to learn is to just download...
  3. ninjamyst

    Why Chinchilla and Hedgehogs??

    i guess it's because people often look for ferret cages to use for their chinchillas....i dunno either...HAHA
  4. ninjamyst

    Why Chinchilla and Hedgehogs??

    Just curious, why is this forum community on chinchillas AND hedgehogs? I can kind of understand if it's chinchillas and ferrets. Are chinchillas and hedgehogs related somehow? Do people often own both? Do they have similar maintenance?