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  1. *Amber*

    Looking for inexpensive twigs

    Look at NOLA. They generally have lower prices.
  2. *Amber*

    Dawnna of chocolate chinchillas

    Anyone find out about the Life Line?
  3. *Amber*

    Need Help...Natural Twig..Safe or Not?

    I have been looking at the safe woods list but still am unsure of what Im looking to get. Here's the description... Twig Balls Natural Beckon in the enchanting sensations of the fall season with these preserved globes. The Natural Twig Balls are composed of dried, beige twigs, and they will...
  4. *Amber*

    Which hay!?! About to pull my hair out

    Fuzzies Kingdom is my chinnies favorite hay. At the moment they are out of stock. I have tried Small Pet Select-timothy and orchard, and Sweet Meadow Farm-timothy with herbs. I bought a small bag of Oxbow which they seem to eat a little more but no where near as much as Fuzzies Kingdom hay. The...
  5. *Amber*


    OK, Thank you. I'll give Fuzzies a try.
  6. *Amber*


    Does Chocolate Chinchillas still sell Lifeline?
  7. *Amber*

    Kline Pellets for Sale!

    Where are you located in SC?
  8. *Amber*

    Sideways ceramic pot planter? Where ?

    how well would that work for holding hay???
  9. *Amber*

    Not using Flying Saucer Wheel...

    Thanks for the reply....I just ordered the Chin Spin so we will see if that will be a waste of money
  10. *Amber*

    Not using Flying Saucer Wheel...

    My chins wont have anything to do with the Flying Saucer Wheel, so I have 2 wheels just sitting there collecting poo n dust...whats the chances of them using a different type of wheel (ChinSpin) ?
  11. *Amber*

    Fuzzies kingdom sold out of hay !! Who else has good hay ?

    OK Smidgeyy, Which one do you get from there?
  12. *Amber*

    Fuzzies kingdom sold out of hay !! Who else has good hay ?

    Ok I just went to re-order my hay for the chins and Fuzzies Kingdom is sold out....My chins LOVE this hay. Anyone else recommend a good hay??? Gotta order VERY soon, I am about completely out.
  13. *Amber*

    Useful Items In Stores

    Just went to Walmart for the Pyrex dish and got off name brand for $3.88.:thumbsup:
  14. *Amber*

    Useful Items In Stores

    GREAT IDEA FOR THE LITTER TRAY!! Will my chins learn to use it if I do that and not put shavings in the rest of cage??
  15. *Amber*

    Introducing Much Older Chin with Young

    I know there's no guarantee the you can bond two chins together but has anyone had success with a much older chin with a young one. I have a 13 year old and just got one that is only about a year. The old guy seems like Im king here and just makes noises as the lil fella will pass by as for...
  16. *Amber*

    New chinnie!

    Call her Free!! She is now free from living in those conditions. My aunt adopted a dog from the humane society and that's what she named her. Though it fit so well
  17. *Amber*

    How chins adapt to new type of water bottle?

    I currently have the glass Lixit and looking to change to the Edstrom style. Will my chin know how and what to do with the new style? Do you have any other suggestions of a water bottle?
  18. *Amber*

    Maloclussion or URI

    What's the pic tell ya if anything. He's been on baytril for 5 days and I didn't give it to him yest and this is what he looks like today