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    Mastitis in nursing Chin!

    One of my females has suddenly developed mastitis on one nipple and won't allow her kits to nurse they are 5 1/2 weeks now and I have them separate as she's attacking them. I have done rats before but wondering what drug have others have used with success for Chins with mastitis? Doxy, Baytril...
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    Is this a good timothy hay based pellet?

    The 18% rabbit pellets I have been using for my breeding chins aren't being made locally anymore, I switched to their 16% pellets for now but I just found these 18% pellets at another feed store and they are timothy based instead of Alfalfa based, however the current pellets use peas instead of...
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    what style of feeders do you use in your runs?

    thank you,l but thise we're the only ones I could find when searching, but it seems Shoots has none left and has no info as to their exact measurements to try to get some some made.
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    what style of feeders do you use in your runs?

    I have been trying to get proper metal feeders for my breeding run cages and just like metal dusters they seem impossible to find anymore! I also can't seem to find decent pictures of the different styles people use? I see Shoots has one pictured called a Valentine feeder that looks similar to a...
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    Automatic water system for chins?

    Thanks Spoof, but what kind of fount do you use for the chins? This is what I am planning to order if it's not totally useless?
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    Automatic water system for chins?

    I was wondering what type of system people with lots of chins use? I want to stop having to clean so many bottles lol. Specifically what type of fount, like diaphragm or spring, and 3/16" or 5/16" water tubing?