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  1. Jfaith

    Oddly energetic after anesthesia - is this okay?

    Sir chewsiph rodontus had to be knocked out so they could do his first ever xrays and dental check up. I was hoping to get some opinions here on what’s good, bad, things to look for, tips...etc ( I trust the vet but I want any information I can get :) ) Everyone has their own ways of handling...
  2. Jfaith

    Chew Spots on Hips

    Thankyou @Amethyst ^_^
  3. Jfaith

    Chew Spots on Hips

    Good info :) at least it’s not something super bad, but it’s not good if he’s stressin’ or leaned a not so good habit :( Any tips out there to help him stop / break the habit? I know nail biting habit techniques are distractions, positive reinforcement and hotsauce ( no I won’t put sauce on my...
  4. Jfaith

    Chew Spots on Hips

    Chewsiph has done this off and on since forever ( 8 years old, had him 7 years ). He's my only son but he gets a lot of attention, always. He likes to chew his fur on his right hip / butt area and sometimes starts on the left side too. He doesn't chew /pluck to a point of sores or anything, just...
  5. Jfaith

    Might be homing a second chilla and I have questions

    Background - I have my little gray-man who is basically my only child. Energetic and fairly territorial over my attention to him. I have had him since 2014 and the previous owners at the time said he might have been 1 year old but we all have no *real* age. So Chewsiph is about 8 years old and...