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  1. Sandi

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    PM'ing you now.
  2. Sandi

    Tradition no longer being made?!

    They are pretty much the same feed. Both safe to feed your chins.
  3. Sandi

    Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Sandi

    Lucy smiles

    I love the way she sits... very pretty.
  5. Sandi

    Tradition no longer being made?!

    I received a call from Hubbard Feeds corporate office in Minnesota and was told that they have no plans in discontinuing the chinchilla feed.
  6. Sandi

    Introducing Orbity - my 3 month old blue diamond

    Congratulations! He's a cutie.
  7. Sandi

    Tradition no longer being made?!

    I haven't heard anything about them discontinuing the feed. I just called my local feed store and they said they'd order a few bags for me and that I'd get it this weekend. I put a call in to a few people that would know something, but I haven't heard back.
  8. Sandi

    Sideways ceramic pot planter? Where ?

    This is an old double pic of mine from 5 years ago, I still have the ceramic pot in the playpen for my chins… (bottom pic)
  9. Sandi

    Greetings from Missouri

    Welcome to the forum… post pics of the little guy when you can :))
  10. Sandi

    My visit to the chinchilla reserve in Chile with pictures

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing… beautiful pictures and scenery… love the way you hike ;)
  11. Sandi

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    Paypal invoice sent.
  12. Sandi


    So sorry for your loss of Inca… and yes, malo sucks!
  13. Sandi

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    ** Price change alert ** ** Effective 01/26/2015: ** Prices below still include ALL shipping costs (within the contiguous U.S.) 8 lbs. Tradition Chinchilla Pellets = $15.50 TOTAL COST 12 lbs. Tradition Chinchilla Pellets = $20.50 TOTAL COST 15 lbs. Tradition Chinchilla Pellets = $23.99...
  14. Sandi

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    I believe I replied to everyone. Orders will go out tomorrow. I can only ship up to 15 lbs. at one time.
  15. Sandi

    New Chin mommy in PA

    Welcome Lauren, glad to have you here.
  16. Sandi

    food emergency!!! please help!

    I sent you a pm. I go to Ludwigs feed store in Lemont. They may have some bags on hand, but I'd call first. Ludwigs Feed Store 13205 131st Street Lemont, IL 60439-6763 Phone: 630-257-3097
  17. Sandi

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Welcom! Glad you're here :wave5: