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  1. Idgie

    Eye infection

    Happy to update that I decided to discontinue all drops yesterday and Ripley’s eye already looks better! The antibiotics were irritating her eye. Took her to the vet today. Tear ducts are good along with her actual eyeball. Weight same. No need for X-rays now. The only issue left is her pink...
  2. Idgie

    Eye infection

    Thanks for the reply. The 2nd ointment did have a different antibiotic in it than the drops, plus a steroid. (And the Tobramycin is a different antibiotic than what she got 4 years ago.) So not sure if there is much more to try in the antibiotic realm, but we’ll see. It’s possible that her...
  3. Idgie

    Eye infection

    My chinchilla, Ripley, is 6 years old. She appears to have an eye infection in the same eye that she had problems with when she was 2 years old. She is eating, drinking, pooping normally. I took her to the exotic vet and they prescribed Tobramycin and Flurbiprofen drops. (Similar to what she...
  4. Idgie

    Vets Recommend Fresh Greens

    Happy to say that I ended up returning to the same exotic vet practice and met with a different vet. I decided to bring up the greens recommendation and how I didn’t agree with it. She replied that she totally agreed with me, but that the founding vets of the practice believed in the greens...
  5. Idgie

    Vets Recommend Fresh Greens

    That’s exactly what I thought, but I hate to argue with a vet. (Though I did say that I’ve had chins since 1992 and I have never fed them greens.) It looked like the handout was outdated and I wanted to say something more… In the past, I did disagree with a vet, but she was quite defensive and...
  6. Idgie

    Vets Recommend Fresh Greens

    Just curious what you all think. Every exotic vet that I have had my chin to over the years recommends feeding fresh greens. But it seems that in the chin community, we don’t do that. Are there some of you who do? Pros/cons.
  7. Idgie

    Do you have chin gender preference?

    I have only had girls. Don’t really want to do the hair ring thing lol. But some of my girls would spray, if cornered. And Ripley sometimes has difficulty when in heat--losing her plug.
  8. Idgie

    Why is there a red spot on chinchillas foot??

    They look good to me! 👍🏼
  9. Idgie

    In heat, or potential health issue?

    I get it. Ripley is my third chin. My first was almost 30 years ago when I knew nothing about them (and there really wasn’t internet then)! So I get concerned when Ripley does things that the other two didn’t. (Why does she drink twice as much water? Etc.) Plus, I want to be sure that I...
  10. Idgie

    In heat, or potential health issue?

    Definitely sounds like being in heat! Ripley does all the same things/symptoms. She gets pretty cranky, too. Sometimes she has a real hard time of it. I can see the pattern of grooming & not wanting to be touched until she “loses her plug”. (I don’t usually see it.) Then she will be more...
  11. Idgie

    Hay-nger Strike

    My chinchilla is very picky about her hay! She will eat some orchard grass/meadow hay, but does not like Timothy. I try different brands and a local farmer. ( I think that once you give them yummy meadow, it is hard to have them go back to Timothy.) Hopefully, that is all that it is.
  12. Idgie


    My chin will also dig/kick up bedding on occasion. Seems almost like a nesting thing to me or maybe she is just rearranging lol. If I push the bedding back, she’ll just kick it at me again!
  13. Idgie

    Rest in peace Bazil

    So sorry for your loss 😢
  14. Idgie

    Hall’s Hay

    Thanks 😊
  15. Idgie

    Hall’s Hay

    Just wondering if anyone has purchased Hall’s Hay. They carry It on Chewy. I usually buy a bale of hay from a local farmer, but I have to sort it & it is so large to store. I have been trying every type of Oxbow grass hay (Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, and Timothy Meadow). Ripley seems...
  16. Idgie

    New chins :)

    Very cute 😊
  17. Idgie

    Discoloration in Chinchillas Eye

    Definitely get it checked. My chin had something like that and then it ulcerated. It was too late for me to do anything about it.
  18. Idgie

    How does your single chin deal when you need to leave the house?

    My chin is fine when I’m at work all day. She actually seems more annoyed when I’m home on the weekends Lol. I might leave her overnight and have someone check on her, but never more than one night. If I go on vacation without her, I take her & her cage to someone who will be watching her...
  19. Idgie

    What is normal weight fluctuation in a chinchillla?

    Funny, I wouldn’t consider 700 grams a “big girl” at all. (Ripley is over 900!) It’s easy to get caught up in weighing them all the time. Their weight does fluctuate by 20g. If you are feeding them healthy food & very minimal treats and they are pooping, then I think it is best to not weigh...
  20. Idgie

    Wood For Chinchilla

    Best to use KD pine or poplar. Can find them at most home improvement stores.