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  1. sheri7

    Just a cute picture.

    So sweet. How did you attach the PVC pipes to the cage? I have some PVC that I put on the floor when out for playtime
  2. sheri7

    Are Peony Flowers Safe for a Treat?

    Amethyst, Thanks for taking the time to reply and look up the info. Much appreciated. My girls are 11 and 12 yrs old so best not to rock the boat. I’ll stick with oats, rose hips and goji berries and tons of sticks. Was just hoping I could give them something new and free that I grew myself.
  3. sheri7

    Are Peony Flowers Safe for a Treat?

    I have these beautiful peonies that are blooming in my garden right now and wondering if I could give to my chinnies if I dried the petals? I have given them Hibiscus before and they liked that.
  4. sheri7


    Well it's over 2 weeks since she finished the Baytril and she seems to be doing fine [knock on wood]. Don't want to jinx anything. No sign of infection, she is her normal self. Still keeping a close eye on her for anything unusual, but hopefully we have beat this. She's a funny little...
  5. sheri7


    Day 5 on the Baytril and she is doing great. [knock on wood} She's still eating, pooping and running around like normal. She puts up a fight when getting her meds but doesn't seem to hate me anymore than usual lol. After I give her the Baytril I give her some oats which she happily eats and...
  6. sheri7


    Thanks for the response. Obviously not the answer I was hoping to hear. I ordered some critical care and it should arrive tomorrow so I can supplement with that.
  7. sheri7


    I noticed my 10 year old girl Annie had a white discharge yesterday so I took her to the vet today and she was diagnosed with Pyometra. They did a swab which showed bacteria and white blood cells, an ultrasound and xrays which didn't really show much. Other than the discharge she has been...
  8. sheri7

    My Chinchilla is scaring me

    Is she ok?
  9. sheri7

    Chinchilla laying on her side

    She's just getting comfortable. Nothing to worry about
  10. sheri7

    Willow's Quinceanera

    Happy birthday Willow. She is so cute. Do you let her outside? I think my chins would take off and I'd never see them again.
  11. sheri7

    Happy Birthday Elijah

    So adorable! Happy belated birthday!
  12. sheri7

    Valentine's sale at

    I just placed an order and checked out with PayPal and it didn't give me the option to enter the promo code. Can you still give me the discount?
  13. sheri7

    Brand new chinchilla!!

    I just wanted to comment that I like your name. I have a chinchilla named Anabel, but I always call her Annie Banannie
  14. sheri7

    Uncovered Metal Bass Pans

    I have a Ferret Nation with the Metal Bass Pans. I see that lots of people line them with fleece but I just leave mine bare. I have a potty bowl filled with Carefresh (my girls don't eat it) that I keep under the water bottle and for the most part they pee in it, but my one girl Annie likes...
  15. sheri7

    Kiwi Twigs / Sticks Available

    Hi Shahna, I sent you a PM.....just checking to make sure you saw it
  16. sheri7


    I have the one from ryerson. It's a lot cheaper than the one from Quality Cage. I regularly take my 2 girls on a 3 hr car ride and they do just fine in it although they don't like getting in it one bit But once they are in they usually just lay down and go to sleep. I always fold up a...
  17. sheri7

    Kiwi available now!!!!

    Any kiwi left?
  18. sheri7

    New cute Eli pictures!

    So cute!! I love how they 'sleep stand' like in the last pic.
  19. sheri7

    Leaving chin home alone

    I have left my chins for up to 24 hrs when necessary but wouldn't feel comfortable leaving them any longer than that without someone checking on them. I gave them lots of extra hay and pellets.
  20. sheri7

    Supplier who sells Chin pops?

    Thats her! Thank you !! I order so many different things from different people I can't remember