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  1. JamaisVu

    Sleep well Susu

    Her cagemate had passed a little over a year ago. I considered trying to get another friend, but she started thriving as a single chin so I never replaced him.
  2. JamaisVu

    Sleep well Susu

    Yeah, the vet thinks she was compensating pretty well for quite a while until her little body couldn't take it anymore. Even when racking my brain to see if I missed any signs the most I can come up with is she was sleeping a little more deeply (like not as startled by noises) and maybe...
  3. JamaisVu

    Sleep well Susu

    I lost my Susu unexpectedly last Monday. She was just about 13 but was looking so healthy I was just planning a big cage remodel to get ready for her older years. My first sign something was wrong was very decreased appetite on Saturday, so I started her on baby gas drops and critical care...
  4. JamaisVu

    Heathy chin passed's so hard to know without an autopsy. They hide disease so well. I actually lost my girl last Monday. She was, by all signs, happy and healthy with a good appetite until the Saturday before her death. By late Sunday I was rushing her to the vet as an emergency because she was...
  5. JamaisVu

    Advice to cure a ringworm/fungus

    I'm pretty sure the powder is available in most countries but it may not be called the same. In the US it is found near other medications, but in my home country you would've found it near other shower products. If there is any foot powder, you can check the active ingredients and compare it...
  6. JamaisVu

    why is my chinchilla tugging on my clothes??

    Chins are funny. My boy used to be obsessed with socks. No other clothing item, just socks. Didn't matter if I was standing or sitting, he wanted to check out my socks and was very disappointed if I was barefooted. My girl loves the strings on hoods and jackets. She'll climb on my lap just to...
  7. JamaisVu

    In Over My Head

    A random question, you may have already thought about this: is there anywhere not on the basement where the chinchilla could live upstairs that wouldn't be as damp/cold for you that the dog wouldn't be able to access? Mine lives in my living room, which makes it super easy for her to watch me...
  8. JamaisVu


    If the only thing he's eating is treats, I would call the vet asap. Even when sick, a lot of chins will still take treats...which, I get it. When my Kumo was sick and losing weight my first instinct was to get him to eat anything because I was so worried so I offered treats, but a vet is...
  9. JamaisVu


    Have you had him for long? As in - is this abnormal behavior for him? My chin spends 90% of the time inside her cage sleeping/napping/chilling. Basically as soon as she's done eating or drinking she'll move around a bit mostly to find the comfiest spot and then settles for a nap. This is...
  10. JamaisVu


    Rose hips are my go-to. I get them crushed and give one little piece at a time. That way, she doesn't get more than 1 (maybe even less than 1) a week, but she thinks she's getting a lot of treats. Hibiscus is another favorite. She knows she gets that one when I bring out the balance, so she'll...
  11. JamaisVu

    In heat, or potential health issue?

    Honestly, I only noticed my girl chin was in heat when I still had the boy (neutered male, but that didn't seem to make a difference). He would start chatting away and losing his mind and I knew...I'd have to separate them for a while because he wouldn't let her eat/sleep/drink water and she...
  12. JamaisVu

    Chinchilla Bedding And Litter

    Amethyst has pretty much covered everything. I favor fleece, too, because I find it keeps mess to a minimum and it's easy to switch out and wash. People that don't like fleece usually argue that you do have to switch it very often if your chin doesn't use a litter box otherwise it will smell...
  13. JamaisVu

    Hello! New to the chinchilla community

    Just by taking the time and doing your research you're already doing fantastic! This forum has been a lifesaver through my years of owning chinchillas, so I think you'll find it extremely helpful.
  14. JamaisVu

    Your chin's favourite chew toys

    My chin goes through obsessions. Currently she's back to apple sticks, will take one with her to her hut at bed time and when she's starting to wake up I can usually hear her chewing on the stick. It's really cute and the sound never fails to make me smile. I usually get chin toys from Whimsy's...
  15. JamaisVu

    Aside from being active and playful...

    Mine is also obsessed with leather, so I can't wear leather bracelets and have to avoid jeans around her or she'll try to bite the tag in the back. I had her on a 3-week watch once because she actually ate a piece of leather she bit off my watch strap and would rather not go through that again.
  16. JamaisVu

    Aside from being active and playful...

    Mine doesn't care for zippers but is obsessed about the strings on my hoodies. She'll reach out and try to pull it. Pushes it away. Gets annoyed at it. Runs away, then comes back and starts again.
  17. JamaisVu

    Oxbox Hammocks?

    Pandamonium pets has a good reputation on chinchilla-safe items. I have yet to order from them, but I have heard good things. Oxbow is great for the food and OK (if a little expensive) for the hay, but their "chinchilla safe" items aren't always chinchilla safe. They recommend things like paper...
  18. JamaisVu

    Dawnna of chocolate chinchillas

    I am curious of this lifeline. Is it like critical care? Only asking because my current chin seems to abhor critical care and I have been thinking of how to maybe get her used to it/entice her to it. She doesn't need it at the moment, but if she ever does I don't want it to be a triple battle...
  19. JamaisVu

    Cleaning schedual while on vacation

    Agreed with all the above. I actually prefer to have a house sitter, if possible, just to have that peace of mind. My chin really loves TV at night, so it makes me feel better if someone's there to make sure she has her entertainment and that everything's going well. If I can't get a house...
  20. JamaisVu

    Tried to Smush Chinchillas Together - One Attacked the Other

    I share @Amethyst 's view on the smoosh method. I know it works, but it just doesn't agree with me... I was lucky in that my pair came bonded. When I asked the rescue about how they decided they were a good pair, she told me that they were in cages next to each other and kept showing interest...