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  1. Velm

    Have you ever...

    Nope, but I bet that'd be quite the experience! Have you ever went to a movie theater, ordered your popcorn and drink and when the cashier says "Enjoy your movie" you reply "You too!" and felt so dumb?
  2. Velm

    True or False?

    Uh huh! Seems so! And we think they're adorable no matter how big or small they are, why can't we see humans the same way? tsk tsk tsk..
  3. Velm

    True or False?

    Oh okay, thanks for the replies!
  4. Velm

    A little rant....

    Oh yeah, I've seen plenty and do plan to try different kinds. I will avoid switching too often but I would like to try out different kinds to see what works best with my chin. And oh, I didn't know Purina has a small animal feed? I've only seen cat and dog food. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Velm

    A little rant....

    Not to mention went in my backyard and tossed a little firecracker onto my back porch. Almost scared the living crap out of my poor mother! I know it was them because I saw them running away laughing. I'm 17 years old, and even when I was younger I never did such things, no matter how bored me...
  6. Velm

    A little rant....

    Whelp, I've researched around and found that most commercial Chin feed from petstores and such isn't safe for chins at all. (Ones that come with more treats than actual pellets) I only have one petstore in my town and the only other store that sells feed for small animals is Walmart. Both places...
  7. Velm

    Is THIS a good idea?!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I saw this on youtube earlier and thought it was a really neat and cheap way to make my own air condition if temp gets too hot: http:
  8. Velm

    So excited I can keep my chins!

    Glad to hear you get to keep your chins!~
  9. Velm

    Chins like... shoes?

    That's just adorable!
  10. Velm

    My 2 biggest chins

    Wow, talk about Big Bodacious Women!
  11. Velm

    True or False?

    I was reading on another website that Standard grey Chinchillas are more hearty (health wise) and larger than any other color. Is this true?
  12. Velm

    My babies ^-^

    They're adorable, glad to hear they were reunited. How old are they. And yes, as Kim asked, how old are they?~
  13. Velm

    Is THIS a good idea?!

    just a vase! I was thinking during the hot months of summer, I could fill these up with ice cold water and put clear wrap around the top and tie a rubber band around the clear wrap, and sit it very close on the OUTSIDE of my Chins cage? (since it has no top and clear wrap isn't safe if chewed I...
  14. Velm

    Greetings everyone, noobi here!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes. xoxo
  15. Velm


    I've been worried about temp too, seeing as I like my house to stay at a steady 65 or 73 at most. But I believe it's a commitment I will be willing to drop the temp for my Chins once I get them, I can add on layers, but chinnies can't remove theirs! You could invest in some Chinchillers. Hedgies...
  16. Velm

    My Chinnies new cage+Updates

    Very nice cage, it's so colorful. Cute Chins too~
  17. Velm

    Hello from the UK!

    Welcome! This is a wonderful place for finding answers from experienced owners. One of the main reasons I joined, in fact. You'll have everything you're looking for, I'm also going to be a new chin mommy soon!
  18. Velm

    Hello from the Philippines!!

    Welcome! Congrats on your hedgie!
  19. Velm

    Portable A/C to keep Chin cool?

    So I've been doing research on how to keep chins cool during the summer months. I live in an apartment, and yes I have AC but it's usually 68-75 degrees. Sometimes a little higher upstairs. But during the hot months, I'll keep my chin downstairs where it's cooler. I've already got two...
  20. Velm

    Fleas and Chins? Help? Anyone?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. And new to Chin owning. Before you start to worry, I want to let you all know that NO I haven't gotten a Chin yet, I still have lots of research to do and want to get experienced advice and tips. (Even though I've spent most of my summer vaca researching)...