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  1. hobbit721

    Chin in critical condition :-(

    Thanks everyone :-) Unfortunately, she did not make it. The vet did everything they could, but said that even if I had gotten her in sooner, the outcome likely would have been the same. Breeder is letting me pick out another animal of my choosing :-) Thankfully, none of my other girls have...
  2. hobbit721

    Chin in critical condition :-(

    I brought home two new girls last weekend. One of them was a bit lethargic, the breeder I bought her from showed me how she wasn't doing too well and would need extra attention. At first she was interested in some hay, but didn't eat many pellets. Showed a little interest in drinking water, but...
  3. hobbit721

    is this okay

    :-P So I take it your mom gave in and is allowing you a chinchilla? Or is this happening behind her back? What happened to the dwarf hamster? Fill us in :-)
  4. hobbit721

    Chinnie wheels - Which to choose?

    When my girls are bigger, they have a metal flying saucer wheel from Meadowbrook Chinchillas they'll get in their cage. But they aren't fully grown yet :-)
  5. hobbit721

    It's Getting Better and Better!

    Yay!!! So happy to hear this!!! Great to hear he is doing well :-) It's amazing how they can bounce back.
  6. hobbit721

    My 2 new boys: Jack and Astro :)

    Beautiful boys!! I have an ebony girl myself :-) 8.... 9 chinchillas! Wow! How much do you spend in a month on chew toys and food/hay??
  7. hobbit721

    I need to stop going on CL this happens too often

    I see these ads a lot too and they break my heart. And in the ad you posted, it looks like that dust house isn't getting much use... the sticker is still on and it looks pretty clean! :-( My girls' bath house didn't make it through even one session without getting covered in little dusty paw...
  8. hobbit721

    My chin setup...

    Nice set up! I love the hanging hidey house on the top level! Is that a Purdue Boilermakers sticker I see on the wall to the left there.... I am a Boilermaker myself! :-D
  9. hobbit721


    Welcome to CnH! Such pretty chins :-)
  10. hobbit721

    Your Chin(s) Birthday Month?

    I have two girls, both born this past October! They are 4 months old :-)
  11. hobbit721

    They DO like the hammock!

    When I first put the hammock into my girls' cage, they didn't really hang out in it much. But, I thought, maybe they're not into it because they feel "exposed"... it was in the top level and it probably feels very open to them. So I moved it to the bottom level... and it has become my little...
  12. hobbit721

    Seeking suppliers to upgrade ferret nation

    ^ Plug for Fleece for Furries. All my ledges, tunnel, cuddle ledge, bridge, hammock and the liners are from her. Hanging and toss toys are from - great place to get chin toys!
  13. hobbit721


    *hugs* So sorry to hear this. RIP and run free, Inca!
  14. hobbit721

    The Ferret Nation Club

    Sounds great! Yeah, the ones I ordered with the cut out for the top level have done just fine, and held up in the wash so far, too. I understand the concerns you raise. There are a few threads floating around here with some similar concerns, especially about trying to fit the warped metal...
  15. hobbit721

    Hello From Illinois..CHINCHILLA YOUTUBE PAGE :D

    You have a chin named Bella, and I have a chin named Belle! :-)
  16. hobbit721


    YAY!!!! Saw the update, that is fabulous news! I am so glad you are able to spend some time nursing her back to health. Keep us posted on her progress, and let us know whatever you decide about keeping her verses finding her a new home. *happy dance*!!!
  17. hobbit721

    The Ferret Nation Club

    visit ...... <--- she makes pillow-case style liners, you don't have to measure. She makes them standard for FN. Shoot her a message :-)
  18. hobbit721

    The Ferret Nation Club

    ? How come you need to know all the measurements? If it's an FN, I know Shooper makes pillow case style liners (visit ) I didn't have to send her measurements, and I have an FN 182.
  19. hobbit721

    Malocclusion prevention?

    My understanding is that there is no 100% guarantee against it. Even with no family history. I am told that it helps if we avoid giving treats (like petstore stuff and fruit, etc) because the sugary foods can cause nutrient imbalances in a chin and possibly make them more susceptible. *shrug*...
  20. hobbit721

    Three Naughty Boys!!

    LOL - that is both frightening and hilarious. Silly chins! So if one of them chewed through a fleece item, does that mean you have to do away with fleece in the cage? I'm glad the boys are all ok!