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  1. Boxraddict

    2 Cages in the same room woes

    Ellie and Abby have lived side by side for over a year until suddenly a few months ago Abby seems to have snapped whenever it’s her turn to come out she is focused on trying to bite Ellie through the bars from the bottom of the cage. I have since separated the cages on different walls but it’s...
  2. Boxraddict

    New chubby chonker unit: Gus Gus

    Wow what a beaut! I like the cages too.
  3. Boxraddict

    Triple Ferret Nation Cages

    I have each of my chinchillas in a double ferret nation and I’m considering adding a 3rd unit. Is 3 floors too many for chins? If I did give each chin a 3rd unit how shall I go about spreading their water bottles and food out. example: Unit 1: oxbow pellets Middle unit: water bottle Top unit...
  4. Boxraddict

    Possible power outages on way in Florida

    I’m aware of freezing slate but I’m unsure of Will The ice residue Get their furr too wet?
  5. Boxraddict

    Bass equipment steel pans bare or with fleece?

    Do these pans need any liner whatsoever? I order 2 1/2 bottom and top w/corner cutout.
  6. Boxraddict

    Rolling over when being petted

    My chin rolls on her side or back sometimes when I go to pet her. she also rolls over in a playful manner when my dog comes up to the cage. anyone else’s chin do this?
  7. Boxraddict

    Side by side cage method

    I meant to add this in my original post but the established chin is 1 years old. New one is estimated to be over 3. I got the established in the double ferret nation and new ones been in temporary cage. the doublenation which my 1 year is in is the cage I want to ultimately move the 3 year old...
  8. Boxraddict

    Need a Hide for 2 chinchillas

    Thank you. Ordered it. Mine aren’t yet together but I wanted To offer a large one Once they’re in the same house.
  9. Boxraddict

    Side by side cage method

    I’m doing this I’m being patient about it so I’m definitely not going to rush it, but how long should they be side by side before I let them both out for supervised playtime? one has been with me one month longer. So much more established than my new one.
  10. Boxraddict

    Need a Hide for 2 chinchillas

    Hey all, I have 2 single huts but am wanting one that can fit both in case they want to sleep together. Can someone recommend one?
  11. Boxraddict

    Behaviour during playtime

    CoD can be addictive!
  12. Boxraddict

    The Ferret Nation Club

    Bare in mind I’m a new chinchilla owner and this is my first cage.
  13. Boxraddict

    The Ferret Nation Club

    Nevermind I got the ferret nation. After looking into it there’s a big difference. I can’t wait until it arrives for Ellie!
  14. Boxraddict

    The Ferret Nation Club

    I’m hoping to join this crew. I got my eye on ferret nation double cage. many question is will another lower priced cage do? I see amazon basics has an alternative for $94 which is a lot less than $239.
  15. Boxraddict

    My Chinchilla Ellie

    Awe he looks so precious. Like a much cuter Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!!!!!
  16. Boxraddict

    How many pets do you have?

    1 male boxer dog named Blackjack 1 Female chinchilla named Ellie 4 bearded dragons 1 gargoyle gecko 24+ crested geckos 125 gallon freshwater aquarium
  17. Boxraddict

    My Chinchilla Ellie

    Ellie will be 1 later this month. she is my first chin and she’s so incredibly sweet and smart.
  18. Boxraddict

    Pellets + Hay vs. Pellets only

    Thank you. Modesto is the closest thing to the pellets the licensed breeder Fed to mine before I bought her. The pellets he uses I think can only be purchased in bulk. So he recommended that. okay so is it easy to switch her over to oxbow from the Modesto? I need that snd Timothy hay later on...
  19. Boxraddict

    Pellets + Hay vs. Pellets only

    Is a Good high quality pellet Alone like Modesto Millings good enough For a chin to live on or must you add timothy hay, too?
  20. Boxraddict

    Just a cute picture.

    Wow you were right that is a cute pic!