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  1. lolanu

    New Puppy - Normal?

    I took her right away to my vet after adopting her, he is the one who wanted to check for worms. I did get her to eat a tiny bit of a mix of baby rice, chicken and Zuke's healthy treats, but that's definitely not a diet for her. I was going to head to the locally owned pet store and get some...
  2. lolanu

    New Puppy - Normal?

    Yes. Just started her meds today.
  3. lolanu

    New Puppy - Normal?

    I adopted a puppy on the 15th, from a foster home with forty dogs in it. The lady takes in pregnant dogs and puppies from Help Every Pet, which is a shelter that rescues dogs off the nearby reservation. While she does awesome for her situation, there's no way to care for that many dogs alone...
  4. lolanu

    Hooked on chins ;)

    I think I realised it when my dad first told me how my chins act when I'm gone. Apparently, even if I just leave the room for a few minutes, Caboose barks and whines and hides, then turns back into her happy opinionated self. When I spend the night at mom's she gets crabby with anyone who tries...
  5. lolanu

    Lazy Momma! Happy Birthdays!

    Being lazy, I forgot to post Leeloo and Ozzy's birthdays! Happy birthday Leeloo, who turned one on the 8th, and Oz, who turned one on the 13th! Leeloo has really blossomed since she got here :) She loves music, and will run to my iPod speaker, then sit in front of it with tiny popcorns. She...
  6. lolanu

    Biggest mistakes

    I also did a lot of research, but not from this site. My very biggest mistake? Getting Eve neutered without knowing the vet, only hearing about them as an experienced exotic vet. I had plenty of minor mistakes too, gladly only one death-causing one. Anyway, forgetting to latch cage and chins...
  7. lolanu

    any suggestions for rabbit cages?

    Whatever cage you get, it will have to be ferret nation sizeish to be good. Rabbits are much clumsier and larger than chins, but with all of their energy. And it will have to be pretty sturdy as well.
  8. lolanu

    Prepping for Surgery

    She's gotten a motility drug for her belly, I'll look into probiotics instead. And I'll definitely ask about the other antibiotic, Baytril is vile stuff and it's a war getting her to take it, stresses us both. I'll be getting a syringe feed either from my vet or Tanya. I'm going to wait until...
  9. lolanu

    Prepping for Surgery

    She does take CareCredit and has been waiving xray and some testing bills, but we have an elderly Malamute with seizures that we're also paying CareCredit on right now. Until I graduate and can get a job I'm not sure there's much I can do, both my dad and I are on Social Security and can't make...
  10. lolanu

    Prepping for Surgery

    This spring/summer we'll finally be able to afford Caboose's spay surgery to get rid of her uterine infection. It's been kept to a low with Baytril so far, but she can only get more sick from here and I need to stop putting it off because of bad neutering experiences. Every relapse of the...
  11. lolanu

    Chinchilla Fight

    Good luck! Crossing our paws for you and Milo
  12. lolanu

    Why certain people should not have Chinchillas

    No kidding... this is why they shouldn't be sold in pet stores. I came across a woman carrying hers through WalMart on peopleofwalmart....
  13. lolanu

    Nom, Noms...

    Oh she's so fuzzy and adorable!
  14. lolanu

    Chinchilla dying- brought to Vet- still looking for tips

    I'm so sorry for your loss. She's in a better place, her suffering passed quickly *hug*
  15. lolanu

    Help limp

    You need a carrier to take her to the vet. Simply carrying her is not safe at all, there can be loose cats and dogs and she may panic and escape. I'd buy a carrier ASAP and take her in that.
  16. lolanu

    Squeeling Chinchilla.

    Leeloo makes a screaming/wailing noise sometimes, but she's a really nervous and shy chinchilla. I think it may just be an attention getter so I rush up and comfort her, who knows?
  17. lolanu

    My new chinchilla Ernie!!

    What a sad beginning! But so good that he found an awesome home, congrats! He's adorable
  18. lolanu

    Chinchilla Nightmares?

    They definitely do, Leeloo gets nightmares regularly, which then spooks Caboose... Miette glares at them afterward and then they all relax again.
  19. lolanu

    Chia Photoshoot #2!

    Those pictures are beautiful! And Chia poses so well for them, too. Do you know what camera she uses? Aspiring photographer ;)
  20. lolanu

    Chin and German Shepherd

    My malamute shares a room with the chins, and has been so sweet on the few occasions of chin escapades. It truly does depend on the dog, if you get him used to the chins at a young age he should be fine, but I'd be pretty leery of letting dogs directly play with chins. Knnick knows "still" and...