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  1. alpayton

    Need Help :/

    I got a speeding ticket on my way from Stacie's house to MCBA Nationals (in Indiana) a couple of years ago...was told that if I paid the fine by the due date on the ticket that it would not be reported to my state (Kentucky). I paid the fine (somewhere around $150) and received a letter stating...
  2. alpayton

    Need Help :/

    You (they) are going to have a hard time trying to get a drivers license in TN (or most other states) until those tickets are paid for and residence is established. And I think Sami means that a "normal" license is a class D license. :)...
  3. alpayton

    Chins and the dog water.

    Aside from the water dish issue, it needs to be said that you really need to chinnie-proof whatever area you are using for out of cage playtime, as it's apparent that you hadn't/haven't.
  4. alpayton

    Shoes that are made for walking?

    I have a great pair of Merrells (Encore Eclipse) that I bought from a local "high-end" sporting/outdoors store. They were also available at Dillard's and a couple of another sporting goods (Dicks, Gander Mountain, Sports Authority, etc) and department stores. You can do a store locator on...
  5. alpayton

    Shot records?

    Nicole... When I entered nursing school, I had to have all of my shot records OR had to have titers done for the ones I didn't have proof of. I knew that I had received 2 MMR yet didn't have the proof in-hand at the time of the appointment so I had to have the titer and opted to just have...
  6. alpayton

    Your Horoscope Sign May be Changing

    My sign didn't change - regardless of whether I believe in it or not - I WAS a Leo, and I AM a with it! :)
  7. alpayton

    There's a Baxter in my bed!

    Try this! -go to UserCP (top dark blue bar at top of screen on the left) -go to Edit Options -scroll down to Thread Display Options section and then to Visible Post Elements -make sure there is a check mark next to "Show Images" -scroll to bottom and click "Save Changes"
  8. alpayton

    PROUD again!!! What I got for Christmas from my 11 year old

    My son did something similar. As you can see...I've redeemed 1 already! LOL
  9. alpayton

    update on my son, Brandon

    The racing heart is part of the symptoms associated with the type of seizure he's having. Per "Simple partial seizures are further subdivided into four categories according to the nature of their symptoms: motor, autonomic, sensory or psychological...
  10. alpayton


    Exactly! I have been going thru incredibly hard times as far as finances go for the past 2 yrs. During this time, my parents have helped me beyond my wildest dreams and once told my dad I wouldn't accept any more help from them as they'd done more than enough. His response? "You should not...
  11. alpayton

    "Was" an emergency choking

    At about 1:35 on the video on this page, you can see the swinging of a puppy. Very much what is being described here. BUT I have to also post this as a warning -...
  12. alpayton

    update on my son, Brandon

    If indeed the problem is seizures, I'll pass on the tidbit of information that my son's pediatric neurologist told me. "A seizure does not hurt the person having it, it only hurts the person who's watching because they're not able to stop it." Pierce started having seizures when he was 5...
  13. alpayton


    Isn't there some kind of rule with the IRS that says if you don't make more than $600 for the year, you don't have to claim it as income? Just a thought...can't find concrete proof of it anywhere, but something to ponder. Nevermind - "If you earned less than $600 in a tax year from an income...
  14. alpayton

    Mom of 4 Kits just died - What to do?

    Looks like, unless the OP is using a proxy of some sort, they should be located near Denver, CO.
  15. alpayton


    1 can Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup 1 can water (just use the can the soup came out of) around 1-1.5 cups minute rice Empty soup into skillet. Fill soup can with water and dump into skillet. Stir to remove lumps. Bring to boil. Pour in rice, reduce heat to low. Cover with round baking...
  16. alpayton

    Black Friday Shopping, yay!

    We have 5 TMs in electronics and 8 in toys for opening...not to mention the 2 dedicated electronics cashiers that'll be along with us. We're an Ultra Low Volume store (22 million or so per year) so that's a LOT of TMs in one tiny area. Haha! We're all just a bunch of Target fools around here!
  17. alpayton

    Black Friday Shopping, yay!

    Uh huh fellow Target girls...I feel your pain. I am moving from the salesfloor/electronics to GSA next week but for Black Friday am scheduled for electronics 3:45 AM - 2:45 PM. Oh, the joy! Thinking about stashing some boxing gloves over in the electronics boat for me to use on the ones who...
  18. alpayton

    what to do??

    We had a similar issue with my son's 1st/2nd grade teacher (they keep the same teacher for 2 years here in the elementary schools). It was made quite apparent that since he started the school year causing trouble that her eyes were fixated on him for the duration of the next year and a half...
  19. alpayton

    Do you like Gummi Bears?

    OMG Now you've got that stupid song stuck in my head!
  20. alpayton

    Has anyone heard from Purple Sage Chins?

    Trin never did really update her website that often. I know that she's had recent life changes (marriage, baby, etc) and I'm pretty sure that all of her kids keep her quite busy. Please do not assume anything about anyone by the date they last updated their website. If you want to know...