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  1. EmilyLiliLove

    Forced picking up vs waiting it out

    First, Wait it out... My male Batman use to HATE being picked up to the point when i would put my hand near him he would try to bite. I sat with him daily for weeks letting him decide when he wanted to be held. Now i can pick him up and hold him, he even likes cuddling in my sweatshirt and...
  2. EmilyLiliLove

    Success Rate of Pairing

    I have 2 boys that bonded, Batman and Robin. Then 4 girls, Momo, Violet, Snow and Rain.
  3. EmilyLiliLove

    could i use this for my chins?

    How about these?
  4. EmilyLiliLove

    could i use this for my chins?

    could i use this for my chins? :hmm:
  5. EmilyLiliLove


    I have a triple CN for 4 chins :)
  6. EmilyLiliLove


    you could put a board between the heater and cage if you are worried...
  7. EmilyLiliLove

    Got sprayed...

    Either gender can spray. I have a male who is VERY docile but one day one of my females decided to try to bite him through the cage and he sprayed her... On that note i HATE getting sprayed. One of my new females was being stubborn when i tried to clean her cage. She turned towards me and...
  8. EmilyLiliLove

    Vet visits

    Keep in mind the vet bills can cost MORE than an arm and a leg. Just a check up here costs $50+. Then if something is wrong it can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Make sure you have the money set aside for it just in case. Also check out plenty of vets around you to make sure they know what...
  9. EmilyLiliLove

    No offense........

    I to feel this way sometimes.
  10. EmilyLiliLove

    Pet Insurance

    That is a AWESOME idea. :)
  11. EmilyLiliLove

    Chin Chillers

    They are quite small. but for free who cares. Just get multiples. I received seven 12inX12in for free from a family friend that had extra marble. :) LOVE them and they are great size. :)
  12. EmilyLiliLove

    FN vs CN??

    I own the older 142 and the newer 182. the older IS the screw together one. I LOVE them. they are WAY more sturdy. Wish they would go back to the older version.
  13. EmilyLiliLove

    Can i use this cage?

    second would be better. The first one has a plastic bottom ad they could easily chew it and get out.
  14. EmilyLiliLove

    FN vs CN??

    I have both. I prefer the critter nations for the more aggressive chins. I do rescue work and often get aggressive chins. The critter nation also could also be used for others like; rats hamsters, mice, gerbils etc. The ferret nation is nice because you can easily pet your chin through the bars...
  15. EmilyLiliLove

    You Know You're A Chinchilla Owner When...

    When your family tells you that your life revolves around chinchillas...
  16. EmilyLiliLove

    craigslist ad had me in horror

    he has found a home. i contacted them to make sure :)
  17. EmilyLiliLove

    Chin Chillers

    got free samples from here: cant wait to get hem!
  18. EmilyLiliLove

    Most reliable water bottle

    my bf got new seals then did something with the nozzle where it connects to the bottle. I think he used some tape or something...
  19. EmilyLiliLove

    Chin Chillers

    So i need to get new chin chillers, i dropped the ones i had after cleaning them ad they busted, and don't want to pay $8 per tile as i need 8, plus a few extra for back up. Where can i get cheap ones? can i just get them from a hardware store?
  20. EmilyLiliLove

    Most reliable water bottle

    I have super pet brand glass and they seem to work fine. When they do leak it's an easy fix...