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    Totoro (2 years old)

    Hello! This is Totoro, he is two years old, male and he loves climbing on my head and chewing on my hair. He is not into cuddling and picking up but he really enjoys chin scratches and light head strokes. He is also extremely social and curious about new human friends.
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    Do chinchillas get along??

    Hi! I already have one chinchilla, Totoro, who is 6 months old now, and I was thinking of getting another one. Would it be easy to introduce the new chinchilla? Are they getting along generally? Do you have any advice? Both would be males. Thank you in advance!
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    Urination on the couch

    I am trying to get a larger cage as soon as possible so I can let him locked more! I hope he'll be ok till then! 😓 Thank you very much!
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    Urination on the couch

    Thank you very much for your response. I did not know all these. Very useful information! In fact, it is hard to get a big enough cage (because of the lockdown) so we let him out most time of the day and he has chosen a place outside his cage as a toilet where we put a toilet tray. We are...
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    Urination on the couch

    Hi guys! My chin which has been adopted a month or so, although he has a specific urination spot where I have put a toilet tray, the past few days he is peeing also on the couch. He is still using the tray so it does not seem as a change of spot generally. Why is he doing that; Is it territorial...