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    Where can you get fleece by the yard the cheapest?

    Thanks, those are all helpful, considering there are lots of discounts I didn't know about.
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    What supplies do hedgehogs have to have (besides tons if toys)?

    I am wondering, what do you guys think you need for a hedgehog? Shelters and breeders have given me lists, but I want to know what you guys think. :)
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    Is a 4x3 c and c cage too small?

    I have heard a LOT of debate all over the internet of the proper hedgehog cage size. So I was wondering if my idea of buying a 4x3 was too small? Some people say they need 6 square feet of space, some say 15 square feet of space, so I am unsure. :confused3:
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    Where can you get fleece by the yard the cheapest?

    I am getting a hedgie soon and I want to use fleece cage liners. Problem is, I am on a VERY strict budget, so where is the best place to get fleece cheap by the yard. I was thinking maybe walmart, which has those big fleece rolls and they will get you some. It 4$ a yard. So what do you guys...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi. I am new to this forum and I am adopting a hedgehog soon. I figured it would be best to learn hedgehog care and info from experienced people. So, here I am, happy to start posting:) so I am sure it will be great to have people who have a hedgie help me out :thanks4: :thanks4: :thanks4: