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    Giant Chinchillas

    What are some of the largest chinchillas you've seen or owned? I really like hefty chinchillas. Here are a couple of mine to get things started. A pink white female bred here she's not a year old yet and 800g. The second pic is a black velvet v/c bred here as well. She's around 1000g
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    chinchillas in 4-H

    I grew up studying and practicing animal husbandry by way of 4-H and chinchillas seem like a very practical, economical and progressive 4-H project for children and teenagers to get into. For those who are not familiar with 4-H it is a program whereby youth raise crops, breed and raise...
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    YOUR Brand?

    tradition brand chinchilla pellets all the way for me
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    Advice on kit with eyes closed please

    Did this baby survive?
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    that would be a lady.
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    I have custom runs that are considerably larger than normal ones cages and corners unlimited cages. I also have two giant colony cages with 4 or 5 animals in each.
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    Breeding white to mosaic?!

    What ever happened? were kits produced?
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    Breeding Age

    Chinchillas can breed healthily for quite some time. In conversations with ranchers, i've heard of animals breeding up to 20 years. One nice thing about starting small in breeding is that you'll likely not start with a run. This means that you have a little more wiggle room with how soon to...
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    Chin breed/color identification

    Definitely a violet. What color is your other chin?
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    Limp chin

    What food were you feeding before?
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    No more blue cloud

    I'd be very interested to know how well this new dust works. How long have you been using it?
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    Possible Unexpected Babies...

    Another trick is to keep track of her weight. This obviously isn't a guarantee, but if you notice after a month that she's 150g heavier its a good indication that she may be pregnant.
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    Does size affect production?

    I'm curious as to what breeders think about whether size, especially in males, has an effect on overall production especially in a run system or colony system. Do larger animals breed less? slower?
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    Largest Chins?

    How big are the largest chins on record? What are the weights of some of your largest?Pics would be appreciated too :)
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    Importing Angoras??

    It's likely more dangerous driving a chin across the country than flying it to another country. Do you really think someone spending thousands of dollars on a chinchilla wouldn't want the animal delivered safely ? Furthermore do you think that one of the most knowledgeable if not the most...
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    Importing Angoras??

    Chill folks. This is simply business. You create something wonderful and then hold on to your little piece of the market for as long as you can. When black velvets first were sold they went for thousands of dollars, just like the angoras are now. They made them and it was pretty brilliant to...
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    Genetic Traits Besides Color

    I am very curious as to what traits besides color people have noticed being passed from generation to generation and with what frequency?Do females tend to pass specific traits? Do males? Wen it does come to colors, I wonder what is too off color to breed? how do you decide which animals are...
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    question about ebony genetics

    So is there no way to kind of predict what you will get from certain eb pairings or is it a complete crap shoot? Do certain pairs produce consistently the same phases? What other traits do ebs tend to pass along?
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    Fur chewing in young chinchillas?

    I have also found that simply relocating a fur chewer to a new spot in the room can be very helpful. I;m not sure what it is about the change of scenery, but at least half of the rescues i've taken in stopped chewing after a switch or two and what's better, i've never had reports of animals...
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    To roam or not to roam

    I found a great wooden playpen that I bring to school whenever I am introducing a chinchilla to a new classroom. They are quite large and give enough space that I can easily introduce the kids to the animals. Pretty cool. I'll see if i can get pictures