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    The Chinstrument Project

    Love it! I told my son he needs to go play his harp for his chinchillas. Hate to mention it among those of us who love chinchillas, but from what I've read, when chinchillas are used for medical research it is in studies related to their hearing, because it is similar to human hearing. Of...
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    Human food for chinchillas??

    On the problem of misinformation....we had to take one of our chins to our state's veterinary school's animal clinic this summer. We have an exotics vet closer to us and, after the ordeal we went through,. MUCH more trusted, but she wasn't available in an emergency. Our chin's care was...
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    New to the forum, please help asap!😭

    I will second what was said about running free and chewing. Chinchillas are such adept chewers they can bite into something very quickly and run on, even if you think she isn't being still long enough to chew anything. I didn't see anything that concerning in the video, unless it was seeming...
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    Antibiotic prescribed: first time

    Our chin has recently been on an antibiotic and gabepentin. He was on gabapentin quite a while. It is a med that is very well tolerated (usually no side effects) in animals as well as humans. Can cause a little sleepiness. It's for nerve pain.
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    Leg injury

    Thank you! That is encouraging to hear. Since I posted this, we had additional problems in that he chewed his leg. My theory is it happened when feeling was returning. Healing nerves can tingle weirdly, itch, or just hurt. It's been quite an ordeal. I should have put a collar on him but...
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    Leg injury

    Sunday morning my son and I sadly learned the importance of having ramp covers that will not slide down. Our male chinchilla had his foot caught and leg all twisted in the rungs and he was stuck in an awkward position. We feared his leg was broken. We took him to the nearby university's vet...
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    Vet Recommendations - USA

    Oklahoma City, OK Neel Vet Hospital --- I have used 3 exotics in the OKC area now but never again anyone other than Neel. They are exceptional.
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    Oklahoma City

    Neel Vet Hospital is the best. We have used other vets in the metro area for neuter but found Neel when our 2 week old kit had an emergency--an anal protusion. I was calling all the area exotic vets because he had to be seen immediately and Neel could see him quickest. Then they were just...
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    We have 3 chinchillas and one of them maybe is chewing fur (although we haven't seen this, and my son spends time with them every day) because for the second time in about a month he has found what he first thought might be a hairball (?) in the cage. This seems really big to me, considering...
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    Red Feet (Again, I know!)

    Not a toy per se, but chewable material....we have a pecan and a sycamore tree in our yard. Both are safe woods. We boil them and scrub with a brush then dry well (in the oven). They are always excited to get fresh sticks and it is free! You could probably find a park with trees that are an...
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    Rehoming Chinchilla

    My son got his chinchillas at age 10, nearly two years ago. He is absolutely great with them. They had only been with their previous owner 6 months and she thought the person she'd gotten them from had also only had them less than a year. The male was pretty wild. My son was extremely...
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    Kits born with short tails

    We just had three kits born today. This is our third group of kits since we've had chinchillas. Two of them have stump tails..very short. Just weird.