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    Searching for shelves!:)

    Hi! I looked through the "For Sale" thread before posting here, and I hope I didn't just miss someone's post! I just bought my second FN, and I hate having the big plastic shelf in there, but I also have no talent for making things, so I was hoping to find someone who makes and sells shelving! I...
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    Hi from Corvallis!!

    Hi! I actually joined a couple months ago, and have been super busy with moving that I have lost touch with all sorts of social media. I just moved recently to Corvallis OR from Ellensburg WA. I am an Animal Science major, who originally intended on being a vet, but have recently altered my...
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    Corvallis, OR vet?

    I'm sorry if this has already been listed, I tried to go through the pages of this forum before asking! I recently moved to Corvallis in Oregon and was wondering if anyone had recommendations on a vet nearby? Some travel time would be okay of course, but I would also like to know if there is...