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  1. firestar

    Chinchilla Video

    it looks like a gremlin!
  2. firestar

    Rabies Vaccination Required?

    i'm a vet tech too & mrweaw's got it right :) if your vet says differently, i'd be concerned. new york is the same; all cats, dogs, ferrets & horses need to be rabies vaccinated by law. i'm rabies vaccinated as well, as are most techs & all vets. usually your vet will just give you a letter or...
  3. firestar

    Mom and baby pic

    adorable!! i love this photo, so cuuute! more please :)
  4. firestar

    back flipping chin

    my mosiac will do back bends to check things out, but raz is a standard. maybe she has identity issues & thinks she's a mosiac? thanks guys!
  5. firestar

    back flipping chin

    raz's newest thing is to do back flips over her bath house. i caught her doing it last week, just a few times, but now she'll do a back flip over it 10-12 times in a row for no good reason! i've even caught her doing a few back flips when the bath house isn't there, but only ever in the location...
  6. firestar

    My daily cuteness overload!

    adorable!!! can i come steal them for snuggle time? :)
  7. firestar

    Dandy & Haggrid!!!

    congrats! haggrid looks like a little diva :)
  8. firestar

    Chin lovers-how many pets do you have?

    6 chinchillas, 2 gerbils, 2 hamsters, a frog & 3 fish :)
  9. firestar

    Fleece Collar Pattern

    my vet made me one out of an old xray film -- it worked really well, you may want to see if your vet will let you have some films that didn't develop right to keep on hand. it's nice b/c we cut out just the right size for his head & kept the rest for anybody else, since my furballs aren't all...
  10. firestar

    Chinchilla Artwork (not mine)

    i have the LPS stuffed standard chinnie -- cost me an arm & a leg since not many were made, but i had to have a chin that i can actually snuggle with :) thanks for sharing these!! and yes, i too am jealous of the cleavage!
  11. firestar

    OMG! Where in the world is Mick St. John??!

    has your hair turned gray? mind would have if this happened to me! glad your little stinker was safe & sound :)
  12. firestar

    Empty cage

    my kiddos especially love the dens & tunnels from fuzzies kingdom. i also have the squiggle bridges & they're popular with the furballs. everybody's listed great ideas. happy shopping!
  13. firestar

    Giardia testing question

    i'm not sure which method of testing your vet is doing for giardia -- it can be found a few different ways. if your vet is doing the SNAP test for it, those **** things cost about $20 a piece (i did inventory at my old clinic), which says they're doing a pretty high mark up on their lab fees...
  14. firestar


    i agree with mommy -- we need more chew toys ;) what an adorable baby!
  15. firestar

    jamestown ny

    just moved into the area of jamestown, ny and don't have a vet down here. i have a vet back in rochester for routine care (still have my employee discount), but don't have anybody to see here for sick visits or emergencies. does anybody have recommendations for who's good? thanks!
  16. firestar

    Funny Sleeping Postion

    if i didn't know better, i'd say this was my white little girl who does the exact same thing!!
  17. firestar

    Heads or Tails?

    love it! i can never get to the camera fast enough when i catch two chins in a tube together
  18. firestar


    haha i actually was thinking of the mickey mouse song :) congrats, he's a sweetie!! bet he's glad to be near his housemates again!
  19. firestar

    Stinky Chins

    i know it seems obvious, but is anybody peeing in their bath house? one of mine peed in his house during bath time & then proceeded to roll in the pee filled dust -- ick!! his fur smelled to high heaven. i had to scrub the beejesus out of the house (wet dust doesn't come off easily), then refill...
  20. firestar

    The Ferret Nation Club

    whoohoo! thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly guys! it's hard to tell from people's photos what's open and what's not, so i figured somebody on here would be able to give me an answer. thanks tagna/essentia!