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    Chirping when Scared? Stranger Danger?

    So our Chinchy Elvira made a new sound the other day. She immediately ran under her cage when let out and began emitting a very loud "alarm" sound. We've heard her bark but this was very loud for a Chinchy in our experience. Only thing we can think of was for the first time someone else let her...
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    Ferret Nation Cage 182 One Stop Shop?

    Anyone know of a one-stop shop type of place to order removable fleece liner/cage set for the Ferret Nation 182 Cage? I'd love to order a set of fleece liners and wooden ledges designed specifically for this cage. Anyone have a good resource or recommendations on easy to remove/wash liners for...
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    Do Chinchillas get bored of toys easily?

    My Chinchy gets excited when she gets a new toy or chew but after a few days they are "dead to her". We have a corner of the basement I call the land of dead toys. She wants nothing to do with them. Hanging toys? She'll chew them for a while then they're dead to her, or she'll eat her favorite...
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    In Over My Head

    My daughter moved back home with her Chinchilla that she got from a Pet Store over the Summer. It was supposed to go back to the boyfriends house after Christmas Break. However, once here, I started doing research only to see it was not being cared for properly by these (2) Teenagers. They did...