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  1. kvatore

    To neuter/spay or not?

    Okay. So I am an owner of three beautiful chinchillas. 2 girls and 1 boy. All three of which are separated. 1 girl is incredibly hostile toward any sort of interaction and so I was never able to bond my two girls. Well recently my other girl (Mika) and boy (Loki), have been having a bit of tug...
  2. kvatore

    Protecting Chins from Curious Cats

    Hey all, I've been scouring the internet for awhile now looking to see if there is some way to protect my chins from curious kitties. Right now I live in an environment where the two cats I own are very docile and show no interest in my chins. I may here in the next year or so find myself moving...
  3. kvatore

    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    I thought I'd post this here since I just saw it. Not sure of the exact details of this particular breeding ranch, but thought that everyone here on the forum would want to know about it if you didn't already. First link is the abc 10 site and the second is PETA's...
  4. kvatore

    FN liner question

    So I'm not sure if this has been answered somewhere else but has anyone had issues with their chin trying to just pull the liner for the ferret nation up? I tried using Velcro to hold it down and that only seemed to make her more persistent in pulling it apart. My other chin on the bottom...
  5. kvatore

    Frustrations with my chin

    So this is more of a need to vent than anything, but I gotta say something to people that I know may understand. Sometime back I got my beautiful pink white chinchilla, Kiki, from a breeder up in Washington. Upon first meeting her she was obviously skittish, but that was about it. In the...
  6. kvatore

    Ferret Nation Sale is having a huge sale right now on FN's. So if you were holding off then now is your chance! :)
  7. kvatore

    Ferret Nation Model 182

    WOOHOO! I finally ordered my ferret nation cage. Got a double unit off of for only 160.00! That being said I want to make sure that the dimensions are the same as the ones on bass equipment. It'd be a shame if I ordered metal pans and they didn't fit. So anyone with 182 models of an...
  8. kvatore

    My chin pulled out my hair...

    The title kinda says it all. I was poking my head in the cage to move stuff around. Next thing I know she nibbles on my hair and then viciously pulls on it taking out a good chunk. Then she proceeds to eat it. It really freaking hurt and I'm a little upset. This is fairly aggressive behavior...
  9. kvatore

    "Car Ride" Method

    Okay so since I got my two girl chinchillas they have had a strong dislike for each other. I tried multiple methods of bonding them. During their open playtime in my contained area there would be fur pulling and peeing. I really would love to consolidate cages if I could. I have heard of the car...
  10. kvatore

    Baby Loki!!

    So I posted about the little ebony I was supposed to be picking up today and he is even more beautiful in person. I honestly didn't expect him to be super hand tame. That was just a bonus. I'm already in love with the little guy and the breeder was super cool to me. Plus he is incredibly...
  11. kvatore

    My soon to be ebony baby

    I had been wanting an ebony for awhile and I stumbled upon a nice breeder fairly close to me. The little boy on the left will be coming home with me on Thursday morning. I'm so excited! Got a cage all ready and everything!
  12. kvatore

    Pictures For homework/website :)

    Okay so I posted a thread last week asking about the permission of borrowing pictures and what not. Right now I am working on a "mock" informational chinchilla website for my class final. It'll be online briefly and then be down after my term ends. Unless it turns out super good. Then I may...
  13. kvatore

    Moody to super affectionate

    I have two chinchillas, Mika and Kiki. Kiki has always been aggressive in her actions and has never been too fond of being pet. However through time and patience she will begrudgingly accept head scratches now. The other day she nipped me rather harshly when I was wearing a jacket. I don't...
  14. kvatore

    Dealing with rust

    So I got a cage off craigslist that looked deceivingly like a FN cage. It turns out it is actually the feisty ferret cage. That's all fine and good because I can still order custom sized pans (that and the price was VERY good). My dilemma is dealing with the rust. I've been at it for a good hour...
  15. kvatore

    Website for school project

    Okay so for kicks and giggles I decided to make my own mock informational chinchilla website. I know that there are a few out there, but I needed something to do and since I'm super in love with chinchillas I figured it'd be fun. So my question to everyone, is it okay to use some photos I find...
  16. kvatore

    Modifying Plastic Cage Bottom

    So long before I knew of the ferret nation and it's magic, I had spent my funds on a super pet cage. Only realizing after the fact that the FN would have been a far better investment. As you can see I modified the shelves it came with and put fleece on them. It's not a bad cage, very spacious...
  17. kvatore

    My two babies :)

    I figure it was high time I posted pics of my two wonderful chinchillas. The standard is Mika and the pink white is Kiki. They have such varied personalities and it's awesome. Kiki is the more photogenic one. I'm so glad I own chinchillas. They make life far more interesting don't you think?
  18. kvatore

    Blood spots

    So a few days ago one of my chinchillas (though I'm not sure who) somehow found one of my ipod chargers and had a go at it. It looked like mostly the plastic was chewed but it also looked like some of the wire was pulled at. I had left for a day and returned the following night. They both...
  19. kvatore

    Burying pee!

    So I watched the most interesting thing happen. After I put my chin into her newly cleaned cage, she peed, and then proceeded to start kicking up the bedding almost like a cat in a litter box. It was the most bizarre thing I had seen her do. Has anyone else seen their chinchillas do this? It's...
  20. kvatore

    Pre-owned flying saucer wheel

    It's the holidays and I'm finding myself in need of a flying saucer wheel for my other chinchilla. It seems terribly unfair to just have one wheel while the other doesn't. So if anyone has one and be willing to ship let me know! =)