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  1. ticklechin

    Used cage sale SF Bay Area CA

    Benefits CAchins rescue
  2. ticklechin

    Bay area owners

    California chinchillas and are having the annual health care day, here is the flyer attached
  3. ticklechin

    Ebay wood

    I have bought from this seller in the past, she was a member here, she has really nice wood on ebay, twig size stuff that is really tasty to chins. I have bought enough to refill me hoard so I thought I would share...
  4. ticklechin

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday Stacie! Hope you have a great day!
  5. ticklechin


    I was looking around for some information and found this, I am sure I did not know this or maybe I am crazy and I did? Chinchilla chinchilla and C. lanigera were formerly considered one species until some researchers recognized size and color differences among localities. Since the wild...
  6. ticklechin

    Happy birthday Stackie!

    Hope you are having a fun day!
  7. ticklechin

    Just minding my own business....

    Going to the bank and it gets robbed, scarey stuff, got myself dragged out by a swat police up the street and dumped behind a police car-at least they caught the dude. It WAS a nice day.:hair:
  8. ticklechin

    Would it be strange...

    To have this to go along with my chinchilla toilet seat? John said he would use it for target practice (eww) I think its cute...
  9. ticklechin

    People are stupid.

    Seriously, this is thought to be a good idea by the owner AND a vet???? Those that have tatoos, would you do it to your animal???
  10. ticklechin

    Be mine?

    Rocco says have a sweet day!
  11. ticklechin

    My next cage!

    I am so going to build one like this when I have time, LOL
  12. ticklechin

    A chinchilla camping trip

    Chins went on a long camping trip over thanksgiving, we camped in the Mojave desert, I bought this toy hauler trailer because their cage was a perfect fit and there was plenty of room for playtime! The cage fit
  13. ticklechin

    Stress causing chewing and tooth elongation?

    After my usual cruise on the net reading articles on rodent teeth at the end of the day, I came across two that were interesting, my vet years ago thought one of mine would benefit from prozac for depression, wonder if a anti anxiety drug would benefit some chins. Conclusion In summary, we...
  14. ticklechin

    Vet clinic with pet store?

    My vet is opening another location and it is going to have a pet store, so what do you think, vet offices with pet stores? I am curious to what they will stock!
  15. ticklechin


    Since this is basically the human equivalent of baytril, I can say I feel dang sorry for the chins I have used this on, it has to be the worst antibiotic ever for side effects-I am taking it for a kidney infection and the side effects will make anything go off feed and go off being alive...
  16. ticklechin

    Evaluation of chinchilla heart murmurs

    J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2012 Nov 15;241(10):1344-7. doi: 10.2460/javma.241.10.1344. Evaluation of heart murmurs in chinchillas (Chinchilla lanigera): 59 cases (1996-2009). Pignon C, Sanchez-Migallon Guzman D, Sinclair K, Baey C, Pignon JP, Mayer J, Kittleson MD, Paul-Murphy J. Source Exotics...
  17. ticklechin

    Chinchillas as tech pets

    And you wonder why the rescue group and myself had to part ways......
  18. ticklechin

    .com feed?

    Anyone feed this and what do they think if they do?
  19. ticklechin

    I don't get it.

    If I am told something is unsafe for my chins, I stop using it or doing it immediately and ask questions later, I give the people who are telling me it the benefit of the doubt that their info is correct until it can be proved otherwise, its only for the good of my chins. I don't get those that...
  20. ticklechin

    Dental pathology in chinchillas

    Click on the paper below full text to the right