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  1. Pikaia

    Tribble being a little stinker- barking

    So, I had a terrible night last night. Long story short: My boyfriend and I bought a new mattress, he snores like a freight train and I couldn't sleep for the life of me! I got so irritated that I drug the old mattress up the steps and plopped it down on the floor in the chinchilla room. I...
  2. Pikaia

    Vote for Tribble on Cutest Pets Contest!

    Hey guys! Could you do me a favor and vote for Tribble for Cutest Pets Contest on Facebook? Here is the link: You can vote once per day! Thanks so much :-)
  3. Pikaia

    Wear-Care Natural scoria stone

    Has anyone ever heard of this product? I was doing a little research and found this breeder called Blue Sky Chinchilla in Canton, OH. I looked around their site and found these stones. I've never heard of them and couldn't find anything on the forum. It says "United States Pumice Company" at the...
  4. Pikaia

    Possible tooth issue?

    Hi all, I wanted to see what you guys thought of this. Tia is going to be 3 years old this October (really hard to believe!) and I've noticed a few symptoms with her. The first thing I noticed started about 6-8 months ago (maybe more but not more than a year). She started to eat her treats...
  5. Pikaia

    Does anyone know about Bettas? Mine has popeye :(

    I have a dragontail betta named Pierre that I got last June. He is in a 1 gal filtered tank. He's always been real spunky, eats good and just a joy to watch. He developed popeye (which I didn't even know what it was, I thought his eye was just deformed or something) and I bought some bettafix-...
  6. Pikaia

    Does anyone sell on ebay?

    Hi all, I have two things listed on ebay right now and obviously they are hot items. :D I have a doll that I bought for a buck at a flea market (she is up to $100 right now with 5 days to go! YAY!) and an old Sega CDX system (also over $100 right now and I have nothing invested!). I plan on...
  7. Pikaia

    Secret Santa this year?

    Ok, I don't want to jump the gun since it's only October LOL...but are we having a Secret Santa this year? I was just curious since I really loved doing it last year. I know Stackie is in charge and I also know she is super busy, but I was wondering... I hope I don't irritate anyone, because I...
  8. Pikaia

    Poor bus monitor gets bullied!

    I thought I would share this, if you haven't seen it already. This poor woman gets harassed on the school bus by middle school students! It is really shocking and disgusting how this woman was treated. Sadly though, I was reading that the school isn't really going to do anything about it! On a...
  9. Pikaia

    Could he really sense what is going on?

    Hi guys. I broke up with my boyfriend of five years two nights ago. It is devastating. :( I told Tribble (1 yr old male) that morning that daddy was leaving. I was crying as I said that and he just kinda sat there looking at me. Well, this was yesterday morning. I didn't sleep at all the night...
  10. Pikaia

    Chinchilla dance?

    Ok, this is quite a funny question, but another member's post reminded me of it. Do chinchillas have a mating dance? The reason I ask is because on some occasions, Tia does this really weird thing during playtime. Tribble (male) goes for his playtime in the playpen and then I switch them out and...
  11. Pikaia

    Ok to give Alfalfa everyday?

    Hi guys, Chichi is a smaller sized chinchilla (525-550g). She is rather skinny looking, but she does eat. Her kids, Tribble and Tia, are very round in shape and weigh around 650g.They are really healthy looking. I have been giving Chichi loose alfalfa during playtime. She really goes to town...
  12. Pikaia

    Dwarf Hamsters

    Hi all, I have been thinking about getting a same sex pair of dwarf hamsters. I'm still debating, but I have a couple of questions. I was going to house them in the same room as my chinchillas. Their cage would either be an aquarium or something similiar. I don't want bars on the cages...
  13. Pikaia

    Chichi gets antsy

    Last night, I came home from work and found this adorable looking pair. The light one is Chichi (mother) and the dark is Tia (daughter). How sweet, right? Well, later that evening, Chichi started to get very antsy. She does this every once in a while and I should keep track when this happens...
  14. Pikaia

    Chichi's mouth swipe

    Chichi is 2 years old. Last night, I gave her a rosehip and as she was eating, she did this weird mouth swipe thing. She did it a few times. I thought maybe she had some of the seeds stuck in her mouth or something, but then I got worried about malo. She doesn't exhibit any other signs of malo...
  15. Pikaia

    Could I boil water bottles?

    Currently, I am using plastic water bottles. After doing research on the forum, I see that glass bottles are much better. I'm gonna switch to those. However, My bottles need washed and I'm thinking what is the best way to do this. I hate using soap because I'm always afraid I won't rinse them...
  16. Pikaia

    Dust in Eye

    I feel so horrible! I was getting dust baths ready for Chichi and Tia and I meant to show Tia where the dust bowl was (so Chichi could have the dust house to herself) and some dust got on Tia's face and into her eye. I realized what had happened because Tia's right eye was half way closed. It...
  17. Pikaia

    Happy Birthday Christine!!! (Twilight Chinchillas)

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!! You deserve it!!! :D :HBballoons4: :HBballoons3:
  18. Pikaia

    Going away for 4 days....

    My fiance's grandmother died last night. I met her quite a few times, had dinner and chatted etc. I am very close with my in laws. I will be going with my fiance to the funeral. The problem is that the funeral is 400 miles away. We are leaving saturday so we can make it for the calling hours on...
  19. Pikaia

    Pokemon Chinchilla

    My boyfriend got me a Chinchilla Pokemon plushie for my birthday and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. His Pokemon name is Minccino. Perfect gift for me :)
  20. Pikaia

    Ack! Strange Dream!

    Tribble, my six month old male chin, has been getting very excited lately. He has been "mating" with his cuddle buddy and it got pretty crazy sunday night. LOL. He was making noises and his mom, Chichi, was running around her cage as well. Anyways, I must be thinking about this, beacuse I had...