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  1. Apollo2021

    Toilet paper

    Hi, my boys water bottle decided to leak abit so I was just wiping it up with some toilet paper and the rascal that is my little chin decided to rob some of it and run off and eat some I don’t think he got much at all but I’m just worried that it’s gonna do something to him, or will he be fine...
  2. Apollo2021


    Hi, my chin has had diarrhea for the last day the poos are soft and shiny, they were more sticky yesterday but still sticky today and I’m worried for him, ringing the vets as soon as they open in the morning but any reason it’s randomly started? Thanks
  3. Apollo2021

    Poo in fur

    Hi, my chin smushed abit of poo and managed to get it stuck to his stomach, he’s brand new so won’t let me handle him yet how can I get the poo off?!