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  1. Stackie

    FN 142 $50, bass pans, chin spins

    Cleaning out storage...Located on south side of Indianapolis I have a FN 142 that is missing a couple screws and two wheels. Cage could use a good cleaning. Comes with two bass pans that are starting to rust but should be ok with a good scrubbing. $50, pick up only. I also have 2 15" chin...
  2. Stackie

    Sleep well, Smudge

    When I got home from work tonight I decided I couldn't let Smudge wait another day. I wanted to spend one last night with him but I gave him a cookie and he just gagged the entire time while attempting to eat it. As he sat on my lap and I stroked him I could feel his spine and the look in his...
  3. Stackie

    Think it's about time to let Smudge go...

    I know I don't post much about my chins these days but I know some of you that have been around for awhile know my guy Smudge, so I just wanted to share with everyone. I haven't really talked much about his teeth issues, I think I've mentioned it a few times, but for a couple years now he has...
  4. Stackie

    Cute and funny hedgie pic

    Someone posted this on my Facebook so I thought I would share. It gave me a good laugh this morning :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Stackie

    ISO: Blue Sparkle Dust

    Anyone still sell Blue Sparkle? Looking for maybe 10-15 lbs. Extra bonus if you also sell toys/chew things because I'm in need of some of those too. Thanks!
  6. Stackie


    My old grumpy man Smudge is still obviously much enough that this is apparently comfy. Still sleep-drunk after being woken up.
  7. Stackie

    Plant Identification?

    May be a bit of a long shot but thought there may be some plant people on here, so I figured I'd try! I saved this plant from the dumpster today but have no idea what it is. It is really tall; about 3 feet. It's leaves are thick, have a shine to them and kind of rubbery. It's stalks/branches are...
  8. Stackie

    New or used #3 grooming comb

    Looking for a new or used #3 grooming comb. I'd prefer to buy used if anyone has any laying around that they don't need anymore to save a bit of money. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks :))
  9. Stackie

    Thinning fur

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this before. I noticed a few months ago my big boy Diesel had some fur clumps sticking out on his butt and figured he was just priming. These past few weeks however I have noticed a large amount of fur scattered through his cage (he is in a cage by himself) and...
  10. Stackie

    Anyone have Needleless Syringe Medicine Vial Caps?

    I work in a vet clinic and we are having problems with our baytril evaporating before our patients receive their entire dose. I remember a long time ago I was send home with medication in a bottle that had a cap on it in which I could insert a syringe without a needle and draw up the medicine...
  11. Stackie

    Tile dimensions for FNs?

    I attempted to tile my FN's last night but to no success..apparently the measurements I took weren't accurate. I have the bass pans for my FN's. Does anyone that have tiled their FN cages have the measurements they used for their tiles? Thanks :))
  12. Stackie

    Exotic Companion Animal Dentistry

    A good article on dentistry in small mammals- touches on many but is a very interesting read.
  13. Stackie

    Guess your Secret Santa 2012

    First clues have been sent out, so here is your "guess your Santa" thread. :)) Feel free to share your received clues so everyone can play! Just no admitting that you're someone's Santa until after all the clues have been sent! :D Participants this year: 3CsMommy alli713 Brittany Chincolores...
  14. Stackie

    Evaluation of heart murmurs in chinchillas

    Found this while reading through the JAVMA magazine today. Hopefully the article scanned well enough to read! I accidentally switched the 2nd and 3rd page when uploading, so the order is 1, 3, 2, 4.
  15. Stackie

    What did your Secret Santa get you? 2012

    I already have had a couple people PM me saying they've sent their gifts out, so feel free to post what you got here! (Pictures of your fur babies enjoying their presents are always a plus!)
  16. Stackie

    Whose birthday is 11/4/12

    The staff of CnH would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the following members: Mt. Zion Chins Vampira_666 threewingedfury :HB7:
  17. Stackie

    CnH Secret Santa 2012

    :bellsCnH Secret Santa 2012!:bells What is it? Various members from the forum sign up to be a "Secret Santa". Once the list is compiled, all of the names are taken and you will be matched with another member of the forum- but you must keep it a secret! Another person will also be matched up...
  18. Stackie

    Diabetic recipes?

    I was just recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (actually I am on the verge of pre-diabetes and diabetes) and my hardest adjustment is eating right...I love my pizza, pasta, and sweet stuff. :( Does anyone have any yummy and easy to make recipes for diabetics they could share?
  19. Stackie

    Some of my other critters (Tarantula + Fish Tank)

    Here is my mexican fire leg tarantula Paul, having dinner..(Thanks to Therese for getting me into spiders! LOL) He has molted twice since I've gotten him/her/it. He's gotten huge, getting pretty scary!! haha And one of my pride and joys, my 56 gallon saltwater reef tank with 1 bicolor dwarf...
  20. Stackie

    Raising Baby Squirrels

    Some of you probably know from my facebook that I am acting squirrel mom to two little orphan squirrel babies. Just thought I would share some cute pictures of them. Let me preface by saying I am a veterinary technician and a licensed assistant wildlife rehabilitator. It is illegal to take in...