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  1. CodysChinchillas


    Now, I know this is probably REALLY unlikely but I want some opinions from the more experienced. So, I adopted Lola & Willow from the local shelter in December. Now, I am noticing that Lola is drinking A LOT of water (almost a whole bottle by herself in one day), she's laying on her side a lot...
  2. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    I planned on switching to fleece in the near future,(I'm currently using CareFresh Natural) but I have a few things that I'm a little concerned about. 1.) Won't the fleece smell when the chins pee on it? 2.) Will the chins chew up the corners of the fleece, and swallow the fabric? 3.) Will...
  3. CodysChinchillas

    No shows around..

    I've been reading forums and they're saying that it is good to go to chinchilla shows, to learn more from the different breeders there, but the thing is, I can't find any chin shows close to me! The closest one that I've seen is NY, which is about 6 hours away. I live in Maine, does anyone know...
  4. CodysChinchillas

    Colorful Mosaics

    Now, I don't know if this happens, but do people ever get crazy colored mosaics? Or is it even possible? Like say you're breeding a bv to a beige, will you get a black chinchilla with beige spots? Or any other colors besides grey/black/white? Just curious if any of you breeders or owners know of...
  5. CodysChinchillas

    Charles crosses the Rainbow Bridge ~

    Charles wasn't like any other chinchilla. I know everyone says that their chinchilla is something special, but Charles really was. He was my first chinchilla, and I'll never forget his curious, friendly, and all around loving personality. I only owned him for about 2 years until he became...
  6. CodysChinchillas

    Sullivan Beige?

    I was just looking at some of the different color mutations of chins, and saw this mutation called a "Sullivan Beige". I've never heard of one of these before, and I just wanted to know if people have more info on them? They seem to resemble a lot like Rosie looks like, but they're extremely...
  7. CodysChinchillas

    Ignore list

    If someone is on my ignore list, can they still see my posts?
  8. CodysChinchillas

    Sneaky Chin!

    This is just a funny story that I would like to share with my fellow chinchilla owners.. I had the girls out for their daily playtime, and today I decided to mix it up a bit and put them in the bathroom. Now, some people may find this weird, but instead of sitting on the floor while they...
  9. CodysChinchillas

    Cervical Dislocation

    I've been reading old forums, and I'm just wondering what is "cervical dislocation?" People seem to have mixed opinions on it. I kind of just want to know what it is, and why people you use to euthinize their chins, instead of a vet.
  10. CodysChinchillas

    Keeping a pair together

    So I am going to be getting a pink white male soon, and I want to breed him to my beige female. I was wondering after one or two litters, can I get him neutered, and they could live together as a pair? Would he still try to mount her? Are there chances of babies after a vasectomy? I would hate...
  11. CodysChinchillas

    Bonding a trio?!

    I have a 3 chinchillas that I want to be able to live together in one large cage. I have a bonded pair that I rescued about 6 months ago, and my single chin that I've had for about a year and a half. They were getting along for about 2 weeks, after slowly being introduced, until I decided to...
  12. CodysChinchillas

    Peeing on their hay

    I'm kind of stuck with 2 of my chinchillas. They both will pee all over their hay, even if it's in a hay rack they take it down and use it as a bathroom. It gets very smelly, and I really don't want them to eat urine covered hay. I have tried hay pellets mixed with their food, but I don't think...
  13. CodysChinchillas

    When is mom too old to breed?

    I have a female, beige chinchilla who is 4 years old. I want to breed her eventually (within the next year) but I don't know if she's too old to start breeding now. She's never been bred before, but I feel like she would be a rather good mom. She has no health problems and is pedigreed so I'm...
  14. CodysChinchillas

    Barking Chinchilla.

    So, I'm not new to the whole "barking" thing with chinchillas but, one of my chinchillas (a 3 year old, beige, female) will constantly bark if I don't give her at least 30 minutes of constant attention every night. Now my question is, is she just barking because she wants me to come back and...