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  1. firestar

    back flipping chin

    raz's newest thing is to do back flips over her bath house. i caught her doing it last week, just a few times, but now she'll do a back flip over it 10-12 times in a row for no good reason! i've even caught her doing a few back flips when the bath house isn't there, but only ever in the location...
  2. firestar

    jamestown ny

    just moved into the area of jamestown, ny and don't have a vet down here. i have a vet back in rochester for routine care (still have my employee discount), but don't have anybody to see here for sick visits or emergencies. does anybody have recommendations for who's good? thanks!
  3. firestar


    during playtime tonight, mallo cup ran up to my husband & took the glasses right off his face & ran off with them - not once but twice!! what's the craziest thing your chin has run off with?
  4. firestar

    fleece in summer?

    i'm just switching over to fleece cage liners for the first time & was wondering if using them in the summer affects their body temp compared to other bedding materials? i don't want them to overheat. thanks in advance!
  5. firestar

    my new little girls!!!

    just wanted to show off photos of my 3 new little girls - coming from megan of summit hills, pa!! they're not home with us yet, but will be soon -- having a hard time waiting for them to be old enough! one is a light ebony, the twins are standards. hurrah for new chinnies!!
  6. firestar

    # of food bowls?

    just wondering how many bowls people have for pellets in their cages when there's more than one chin? my pair have 2 dishes but they only seem to eat out of one or the other. i'm afraid if i take away a bowl & put all the pellets in a single dish they may fight. advice?
  7. firestar

    newbie :)

    hello! just joined cnh & am excited to know there's so many other people out there who're nuts over their chins like i am!!! i'm a chin-mom to 3 chins -- all under 2 years old; 2 girls & a neutered boy, who all joined the family the week of christmas 09. we originally thought we had 2 males...