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  1. ticklechin

    Tooth/Gum Injury

    I have 18 years of experience with malo chins, I agree with the vets, the x-rays do not look bad. I do not see any reference to a chest x-ray? Reason I ask is in the earlier posts you state he was agitated and acting out of his mind, stasis of the gut produces that symptom along with not...
  2. ticklechin

    Dental Help

    The chin really needs to go back to the vet for a more comprehensive dental exam.
  3. ticklechin

    Dental Help

    Did the vet do x-rays of the head? If not, I would have them done when you take him back. I don't want to scare you but these type of issues on a 4 year old tells me its genetic malocclusion and you need to know what is going on under the gums before moving forward with further treatment.
  4. ticklechin

    One red Ear

    Is he white?
  5. ticklechin

    Runny eye/discharge?

    I just had three that came down with eye infections, with complications so if yours stop eating or have any behavior changes, take them to the vet, I wonder if something is going around.
  6. ticklechin

    Tricky diarrhea

    I would go for the flagyl again, as long as the chin did ok on it, its worth a try that the original course was not long enough.
  7. ticklechin

    Tricky diarrhea

    What was the course of flagyl? Was it something like 5 days on, three off, 5 on? Have they done any xrays or ultrasound of the gut yet?
  8. ticklechin

    Urgent! Please help!

    The only time I would take a chin to the vet if there was this type of symptom if I was treating bloat, or if you had a chin who has not eaten in a couple of days. Stasis produces a symptom of extreme chewing, the chin will frantically chew everything and anything.
  9. ticklechin

    Coal died! 😭😭😭 just 2 weeks after Squirt dying!!!

    I just had something strange go on here, I had one who came down with a eye infection and stopped eating, went to the vet and she said he had some teeth issues but more alarming he had a severely enlarged heart, two days later he went into heart failure and was put down. Two days after that the...
  10. ticklechin

    Urgent! Please help!

    Cage rage!
  11. ticklechin

    Bonding with chinchillas

    It just takes time, keep interacting with them and as they age and get more laid back most will come around I have found.
  12. ticklechin

    Squirt died! 😭😭😭😭

    RIP Squirt, you are missed.
  13. ticklechin

    Chinchilla not Eating

    X-rays are a good idea to see if they reveal anything going on under the gums and in the gut.
  14. ticklechin

    Chinchilla not Eating

    Any x-rays taken?
  15. ticklechin

    Tricky diarrhea

    Bouts of loose poo and gas, it would come and go every couple of weeks.
  16. ticklechin

    Urgent please help

    When a chinchilla has not been fed for that amount of time, there is little that can be done unless there is emergency care, when the digestive system is empty for that long, it will shut down and eventually die, along with the chin, only emergency meds and care can possibly work but even then...
  17. ticklechin

    Oil in chins fur?!!

    Baths and time is all you can do conservatively, if the substance was toxic you could be more aggressive but since it is not hurting her, let her just look scruffy for awhile. As far as olive oil, I would use Vit E oil instead, more effective IMO.
  18. ticklechin

    Contacting Ryerson Chinchillas

    Call them, Jan is really nice!
  19. ticklechin

    Chinchilla blood results

    Had to dig around for my notes, here you go PCV 27-54% TP 3.8-5.6 g/dl WBC 5.4-15600/ml Bun 17-45 mg/dl creatinine .04 -1.3 mg/dl glucose 109-193 mg/dl calcium 5.6-12.1 mg/dl potassium 3.3-5.7 mEq/l sodium 142-166 mEq/l
  20. ticklechin

    Best chinchilla pellets?

    I feed essentials, they eat it fine. I think one of the more important things is freshness-check the bag and try to get one that is well away from its expiration date.