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    What cage do you use?

    I started with 2 levels Ferret Nation, added the third floor last winter. Love it!
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    Too hot for Chinzia?

    I am using a higher set point. I have an old note of a simple formula for the allowed heat load envalope for Chinchillas: Keep the sum of Temperature in F and relative humidity in % less than 150. This means that if the room is at 75°F it is safe as long as the relative humidity is under 75%...
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    Best/Worst Brand of Dust

    I join the recomendation for Poof. Tries several ones (can't remember names), the Chins clearly preferred the Oxbow Poof.
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    Meet Viktor and Jayce!

    Hi Kyle, To attach toys, hammocks and other accesories I am using metal hools that are normally used for shower curtain. They are cheap and durable. Mine are similar to these in the link below, withour the weird beads. Look for the largest clips possible, they are easier to open and close...
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    Meet Viktor and Jayce!

    Hi Kyle, I love the size of your cage! Lucky Viktor & Jayce! Thinking along the lines of Amethyst's advice, instead of installing a floor divider made of wood you can consider getting a simple fleece blanket (what's cold here a "throw") and attaching it to the cage (using fleece strings or...
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    More chinchillas?

    I have two brothers, housed together. They sleep side by side maybe half the time, which tells me they need each other. However, they do fight on occasion (always the same: Chicco is chasing Chino all around the two floors). They don't ever fight over food or treats that I hand out to them. They...
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    Three level Critter Nation cage

    Hi all, My two Chins have been happily living in a two-level CN cage (model 161+163), located in my living room. Their chin-spin is at the 2nd level now. I an thinking of getting another add-on (CN 163) to make it into a three-level cage. It will fit the room height. I am ready to order but...
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    Cleaning schedual while on vacation

    Thanks a lot, Amethyst and Jawramik, for the good advice and encouragement! The Chin-sitter said they are perfectly willing to learn and practice, so we will do a change of bedding / cleaning together at least once before we live. And I got a new set of bedding that will be easier for them to...
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    Cleaning schedual while on vacation

    Hi all, My two Chins live in a two story Critter Nation cage, with fleece bedding (with towels underneath) and two bowls of aspen shavings that they use for peeing - some of the time. They also have two water bottles. I am changing their bedding once per week (and sweep their floors every other...
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    Rest in peace Bazil

    Oh Amethyst, My sincere condolences on Bazil's passing. I am so sorry for him (and you). For whatever it is worth, I don't think it was the heat wave. We went through it here on the coast of BC, had 44 deg C in the shade on Monday (that's 111 F). No A/C. I moved the cage to the basement (and...
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    Bitten ear / Polysporin question

    Thank you so much, tunes & Amethyst! Do you happen to know where can I find Blu-Kote in Canada (in a Chinchilla quantity :-))?
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    Bitten ear / Polysporin question

    Hi there, Chino's ear has a scab (right in the middle) with about 3 mm of redness around it. Spotted it yesterday's night. I considered putting Polysporin on, but saw (in other threads) that people say NOT to use Polysporin if it has pain relief med. Of course, this is the type I have. So...
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    Palm leaf - is it safe?

    Thank you!
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    Palm leaf - is it safe?

    Decades ago, on another continent, I would give my Chinchillas Washingtonia palm leaves, cut from the tree. They loved chewing on it and eating the green leaves. Today I stumbled upon people gardening, trimming their tree. I asked their permission and got two "fans". Living in the lower...
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    Is this serious?

    Thank you! I will keep it in mind. For now I can update that he seems totally healed - thanks to all of you that care and try to help.
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    Is this serious?

    Oh, I forgot about nipples... Thanks a lot, we'll do!
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    Is this serious?

    Hi All, We noted a small but weird lump on Chino's belly. He had not objected when I lightly touched it so I guess it doesn't hurt (much?). No noticeable deterioration in his mood / behavior / eating / weight. Lately his brother is chasing him all over the cage (two story critter nation with...
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    Housing safety question...

    Hi all, My rascals Chicco & Chinno started peeing on their beautiful clay house (un-glazed, made by my daughter). Cleaning with vinegar:water solution didn't convince them it is not their wood-shaving potty dish but a house. No idea why had they started doing so more than a year after receiving...
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    Grand master chin supplier list

    One more: Quality Cage Crafters, USA I am surprised they are not on the list yet... They make cages and accessories and probably many other things, but I have their fabulous Chin Spin. Really, this is a great sturdy and safe wheel. I needed replacement bearings last...
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    Looking for the safe wood list...

    Yes! Thanks so much :)