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  1. Pepperpot

    CBD candle around chin?

    Cancel my account! I will not belong to a forum that condones the use of CBD.
  2. Pepperpot

    CBD candle around chin?

    The use of CBD on animals in the UK is not even legal.
  3. Pepperpot

    CBD candle around chin?

    I do not condone the use of CBD on any animal. Too many people are far too eager to extol it's virtues, but I am not. You should have more consideration for your pets, and it is yourself that should feel ashamed for even having the thought in your head of burning this near an animal.
  4. Pepperpot

    CBD candle around chin?

    CBD oil is derived from cannabis so I'm not thinking of 'something else'. Again, why would you even consider inflicting a drug laden candle on any animal????????
  5. Pepperpot

    CBD candle around chin?

    Why would you even consider burning a cannabis infused candle near any animal or yourself????????????
  6. Pepperpot

    Lister Bandage Scissors

    It is highly unlikely that a chinchilla would wear a bandage or dressing. Not sure of the relevance of this post?
  7. Pepperpot

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    I find some of the comments on this thread regarding not feeding hay very disturbing. A responsible keeper will source the best possible pellets, taking note of the ingredients/composition.
  8. Pepperpot

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    I would never not feed my chins unlimited amounts of good quality hay. All my herd is fed premium quality English Timothy hay and I've never had any issues in nearly a decade. I cannot understand why any chin keeper would not feed hay, except to reduce overheads, which is wrong.
  9. Pepperpot

    Soft/runny poop and something red next to it?

    The advice given by pet shops regarding chinchilla care is truly disgusting. It's just as bad in England too. Well done you for being willing to change what was originally advised.
  10. Pepperpot

    Chin with Malo

    My advice is to insist on x-rays. If maloclusion/root elongation is diagnosed, I would advise letting your chin go. This disease is a death sentence and there is no cure. To trim teeth regularly only prolongs the suffering and your chin would suffer stress, pain and distress at every trip to the...
  11. Pepperpot

    Soft/runny poop and something red next to it?

    Please do not feed your chinchilla any fruit, veg, nuts or seeds, fresh or dry. Their digestive systems cannot cope with these foods. Please do not use Carefresh, or any other paper based bedding either. If swallowed, it can cause impaction. Please do in depths research regarding care of your...
  12. Pepperpot

    Eye infection

    You cannot check your chinchilla's teeth. X-rays need to be carried out by a vet and you need to get this done asap. Pet shops are not qualified to give advice on health issues. You should have consulted a vet in the first instance.
  13. Pepperpot

    Chinchilla limping

    Chins do not limp for sympathy or treats!! Please think before you post comments like this.
  14. Pepperpot

    My chins love my heated blanket

    I would be very very careful that your chins do not at any time overheat. You are responsible for their welfare at all times and I personally would not encourage them to gravitate towards a heated blanket.
  15. Pepperpot

    Chinchilla limping

    If you have any concerns then consult your vet asap. You cannot stop your chin limping and this is probably indicating pain.
  16. Pepperpot

    Chinchillas and guinea pigs: Same room?

    Yes, they are a different species and can transmit disease to chinchillas. It is advisable to keep different species totally separate.
  17. Pepperpot

    Potential case of malo

    If root elongation is discovered, the kindest option is to euthanise. Also, please be aware that maloclusion is potentially a death sentence. Teeth can be trimmed, but will need regular repeat trimmings and what needs to be considered is the quality of life that a chin will experience if this is...
  18. Pepperpot

    Baby Chinchilla Care

    8 weeks old is very young for a kit to be going to a new home. As far as I'm aware, weaning should only just be taking place at this age.
  19. Pepperpot

    Question about cage set-up and other specifics

    Chinchillas do not need to have any type of vaccinations. Please do not allow any vet to administer any form of vaccinations.
  20. Pepperpot

    Getting Away From Garden Select

    To put lemon juice into a chinchilla's food is irresponsible. Your parents need to be fully aware that chins need the correct pellets, not unhealthy chinchilla food bought in ignorance. Please think of your chinchilla's welfare at all times.