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  1. Lone Star Chinchilla

    Lone Star Chinchilla

    FYI: Not sure who these three people are as not a single buyer has ever said a word to us in 26 years of obtaining a wrong color. As you well know baby kits can, and do, change color as they age and some, at an early age, can be harder to classify. As far as "high" prices, I guess that is...
  2. Lone Star Chinchilla

    Chinchilla from pet store

    Chinchilla's each have their own personalities but are, in general, a quite active animal. They are not what some would refer to as a "lap pet". How tame they become is largely up to the time and attention given them and how they are treated.
  3. Lone Star Chinchilla

    Chinchilla from pet store

    There must have been some misunderstanding as at 3 weeks old the baby would not have been 10-12 oz. Thank you though for obtaining your new fur baby from us and hope he's happy & healthy for you!
  4. Lone Star Chinchilla

    Chinchilla For Sale Baby Chinchillas, East Texas

    We have been raising and selling baby chinchillas as well as feed products for them since 1996. If we can help let us know: Visit Lone Star Chinchilla If you want to know anything let me know as I am always glad to answer questions about our chinchillas and experience with raising them since...
  5. Lone Star Chinchilla

    Lone Star Chinchilla

    We will be happy to talk to anyone about us and the chinchillas we breed, and have, for 25 years. As far as colors, this is news to us as we have never had a single complaint by anyone who has purchased from us. We do have blue diamonds and blue diamond carriers. Again, if anyone wants to know...