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  1. Shadow1986

    Finally found a cagemate for stormy

    He’s in new jearsey so we have to wait till the virus situation improves, ur he’s 8 and a half year old violet wrap male chinchilla, he’s 800 grams and a firmer breeding male,p.. His coat and size are show quality, can’t wait to adopt him
  2. Shadow1986

    Looking to adopt a older male chinchilla

    But having no luck finding any in upper darby pa, he would be a friend for stormy my 10 year old male
  3. Shadow1986

    Anybody rehoming chinchillas in pa or nj

    We,re looking to adopt a 7-10 year old male chin as a friend for our 10 year old chin stormy
  4. Shadow1986

    looking to adopt a older male chinchilla

    maybe 8 or older but would have to get along with stormy our male 10 year old chin, a color chin would be nice, thanks email me at [email protected] if u know of any
  5. Shadow1986

    any senior males chinchillas up for adoption

    llooking to give one a new home in pa or nj
  6. Shadow1986

    Looking to adopt senior male chinchilla I pa or nj

    I have chinchilla experience. He would be a cage mate to stormy my male 10 year old.
  7. Shadow1986

    looking for senior male chinchilla who needs a home

    hi any male senior chinchillas need a home in pa or nj?