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  1. Mandy

    Matted mess rescue

    Dreamlite is can pull at the mats until they release. Unscented baby wipes may clean up fur/skin once all mats have been removed, but it wont make a huge difference. Dust baths are going to be your best friend for a while! Poor thing. Good luck with her!
  2. Mandy

    Is this cage ok?

    Is the floor wood? I'd worry about urine soaking into it over time...bedding or not.
  3. Mandy

    Which Thermometer?

    I use this one:
  4. Mandy

    Getting two chinchillas

    Are you opposed to adoption? There are rescues out that way, or others that can be transported? Aside from that, others have already given great advice. Introductions should be taken slowly.
  5. Mandy

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    So chinchillas can have false pregnancies? Like rabbits? That just still doesn't explain the movement in her sides. Like rabbits too, would you be able to see the digestive tract moving? Is that possible with chinchillas? I know it's easy to mistake the movement as babies in rabbits.
  6. Mandy

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    I'm pretty sure the discharge was just heat. I was able to pick her up today and check it out again after reading about infections, I got worried. The area wasn't as wet, only by the cone and she did seem 'open' today as some people describe chins in heat. The fluid is just clear. No smell, nothing.
  7. Mandy

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    One more question. I just looked at her cone and vagina opening. It is not an abnormal color, no odor, but there seems to be a sticky clear fluid coming out. The area around her is slightly raised (kind of looks like a relaxed males testes.) Again, no abnormal looking swelling, color or odor...
  8. Mandy

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    I've not seen any babies from the female mentioned in this thread. I have not really seen her laying on her side anymore either. She's down to 810grams from the 865 she was when she got here. (She was on junk food so I did expect a decline in weight.) Really confused me as what I caught in film...
  9. Mandy

    Foster/Rescue Chins - KyOhIn

    Wanted to update since it's been a while, I've gotten interest, but wanted to say again as it's always the same - I will not rehome to a breeding home. (This means female housed with male) Kali is still looking. She's really goofy now, and has been housed next to another female for some time...
  10. Mandy

    Love you Kelly. Goodbye.

    Sorry for your loss. RIP little girl!
  11. Mandy

    Shipping Animals

    Now, I know shipping animals is complicated..but does anyone here know the process? Have a link that clearly explains it? I have a friend overseas (could ship to Belgium) who very seriously wants to adopt a certain dwarf rabbit here in the next couple of months. We know it is an expensive and...
  12. Mandy

    Foster/Rescue Chins - KyOhIn

    Kali is still looking for a home. She makes progress everyday. Really seems to be a sweet girl!
  13. Mandy

    Teeny Tiny Surprise Yesterday

    Wow, male or female? Love the color. Good luck with the little one!
  14. Mandy

    Exterminators and Chins

    Can your apartment provide contact information for the company that came in and sprayed? Surely you could then call and explain your situation?
  15. Mandy

    Chinchilla not getting better..

    Usually chins like the you shouldn't have any problem giving it to him. I give 1 dropper full straight to their mouth and they bite at the dropper for more.
  16. Mandy

    Should the vet check her out?

    I've had her 22 days now. She does eat well. The previous home was her home for 2-3 days. The one before that I have no idea how they cared for her. The girl I got her from had a mix like Kaytee in with her, so I suppose she has been on a junky feed. She's on Mana Pro SHO now.
  17. Mandy

    Should the vet check her out?

    For anyone who may have read my posts on a different thread, I wanted to ask a question that doesn't pertain to that section.. It's been 3 weeks since I first saw "movement" in Lucy's stomach. The little bump on her under side is still there. Her belly feels a tad but more firm, but I think she...
  18. Mandy

    How many pets do you have?

    Riven - I'm sorry to hear about your Yorkie. 14+ years is a long life! Oh, and how are alpacas? There's a pasture not too far away that houses a few of them. They're so funny looking. As far as the dog I was originally talking about, we're going to foster him for his heartworm treatment. He's...
  19. Mandy

    How many pets do you have?

    Oh, we've had that talk a many times! ha. My parents are very willing to help me care for the animals if I were to have to go off for school. My stepdad loves the chins, and the ones that are mine..he would never let me get rid of. I'm not too worried about my individual situation. I know my...
  20. Mandy

    How many pets do you have?

    Some people believe there is no such thing as a person with too many pets...only a person who can not care for all of the pets they have. I (meaning my full support) have 5 chinchillas and a dwarf hamster. I am also fostering 3 chinchillas (2 of which may be leaving very soon) and a rabbit...