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  1. 3CsMommy

    Need Help: Fundraising for rescue chin dental exam.

    We work with a nature center that has a traveling show. At some place in New Jersey, someone approached the owners with a miserable drowned rat of a chin in a bare Marchorio cage with a plastic dust house and an aluminum bird toy. To quote one of the owners, "I couldn't leave her like that!" The...
  2. 3CsMommy

    Chin Spin needs deep cleaning; is it worth it?

    I bought this Chin Spin used from a member on here, but haven't had it in the cage in a while b/c of the amount of noise it causes. (It's the one with hooks on the back, so I had to basically shim it into place with white pine board to keep it on the thing anyway.) But, I'm also fostering a...
  3. 3CsMommy

    Dear Secret Santa 2013

    Post your Chinchilla's Letter to Santa below (for help figuring out Secret Santa gifts).
  4. 3CsMommy

    Shipping problem: Fed Ex claim filed.

    So, I know a lot of users here are far more familiar with Fed Ex's shipping policies than I am, and I need some input. I have a cat that has stopped using the litter boxes. I suspect it's because Feline Pine clumping litter now contains pellets from the other type, and she prefers very fine...
  5. 3CsMommy

    CO, ID, OR pet people: Nestle/Purina Cat Kibble Recall.

    Possible Salmonella risk in: Cat Chow Naturals and Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat foods. Best By dates, etc. available here-- :wacko:
  6. 3CsMommy

    Facebook Game: Gardens of Time

    It's a hidden objects + world building game; you open levels by decorating a Victorian-esque garden with replicas of ancient and modern wonders, plants, etc., and then travel through time to remove out of place objects like bowling pins and bug spray from pictures of historic scenes. It requires...
  7. 3CsMommy

    Need Mazuri overnighted to Western NY State.

    I'm a dipstick. :cry3: Instead of actually checking my Evac Kit for an extra pound of Mazuri pellets, I just assumed it was there. So, when I filled bowls tonight and emptied the pellets container, I realized I'm out. :( Could somebody PLEASE overnight post me a pound of Mazuri pellets? I...
  8. 3CsMommy

    Cat vomiting: clear, thick liquid. Should we see the vet tomorrow?

    Early this morning (4 AM?) my foster cat threw up. I figured, "Eh, just a hair ball. It'll come up," cleaned up, and went back to bed. Around 7, she brought up a small lump of what looks like feather pieces from a toy and I thought that was the end of it. Well, she's thrown up 4 times since...
  9. 3CsMommy

    Need to buy an A/C unit.

    Until now, my most important chin-related purchase has been my Ferret Nation cage. I could use some input on air conditioners. I have a small apartment on the top floor of a divided/renovated Victorian house ca: 1900. The largest rooms are the bedroom and living room, each are 10' x 12'(ish)...
  10. 3CsMommy

    Which one would you feed?

    The picture below was taken tonight, after I received a hay order from a new supplier in Upstate New York. Which do you think looks like the better hay, the one on the left or the one on the right? (I know which one I'm happier with, and I know how the chins reacted to it, but a...
  11. 3CsMommy

    Anybody need a Water Buddy?

    I've come across a rabbit supply store (online) that has a few Edstrom "Water Buddy" 8 oz valve water bottles left. These are the only water bottles I've ever seen that don't leak. But, they're PVC plastic, so they can't go through the dish washer, and occasionally a really determined chin can...
  12. 3CsMommy

    Central CA, possible Darwin Award Winner?,0,2144295.story From the above article: DELANO, California (AP) — A man who was at an illegal cockfight in central California died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb, officials confirmed Monday...
  13. 3CsMommy

    Hogsitting and anxious Chin mom.

    Hi Hedgie half of the forum. I'm a chin mom but pop over occasionally to stare at the cuteness. I've also got a friend with an 8 mo old male hedgie named Spiny Norman who I will be hogsitting from 1/10 until 1/16ish, so I've spent a good amount of time reading around the basics of hedgie care to...
  14. 3CsMommy

    I'm gonna be a mommy! (again)

    No, I'm not getting on the "baby dust" bandwagon (though my best wishes go to Allie and the other 30 of you who have temporary passengers! lol). I've been thinking about "a buddy" for Crash for the past few months, and now, I'm almost ready to bring them home! After I tile the bottom of my FN...
  15. 3CsMommy

    Need ideas: chin hates handling. Lives in top of FN 142.

    If I can't figure out a safe way to get Crash into and out of his new cage, I'm afraid he's not going to be able to have playtime. The problem is that he hates being picked up, so any time he's in an open area, he's nearly impossible to catch. Usually, he has playtime in a small section of my...
  16. 3CsMommy

    Really frightening chin dream. (Warning: somewhat graphic/disturbing.)

    Last night I had a dream that still had me scared when I woke up today. I'm honestly still a little nervous about it now. In the dream, the older child I live with came into my room while I was sleeping (I rent room from a friend who has 2 kids) and destroyed everything he could touch. The...
  17. 3CsMommy

    So Cal: Dog rescues need help.

    Repost from Facebook: Brush fires have erupted in Southern California, threatening many dog rescues located in the area, including Villalobos Rescue Center, and the Brittany Foundation. According to KTLA, the fires developed around 2:20 this afternoon. Sources close to those in charge of the...
  18. 3CsMommy

    Four-legged friend may be passing.

    Please send good thoughts and prayers for my boyfriend's dog, Rascal. He's an 11 year old Golden Retriever who was found unconscious with a 105* fever and signs of heat stroke yesterday. I don't have too many details, but this dog is very *very* special to C., and to me even though I don't know...
  19. 3CsMommy

    QC Cage: Frustrated.

    So not only do I have a QC cage with a chipping pan (that's been addressed in a different thread), but my chin has discovered that some of the wire clamps at the corners are loose, so he can rattle them to get my attention or when he's bored. If the cage weren't in my bedroom (the most cat proof...
  20. 3CsMommy

    Dog kibble recall: Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance.

    Certain batches of DvP's Natural Balance chicken and sweet potato have been recalled due to the presence of Salmonella. More info here: