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    My beautiful girl Astrid past away today in my arms.
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    Update on Astrid

    We went to the doctor. She is hypothermic and the fur below her chin is kinda wet. She doesn't seem to have something in her lungs the doc said but he said that her bowel movement is slow so perhaps she is constipated. We are giving her oil and antibiotics. I am giving her water with a syringe...
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    Question /help

    My chin has been catatonic.... I opened her cage to let her out and she is just sitting /sleeping. She is not her usual energized self. I didn't give it any thought during the day but now it's night and she is still sleeping and not wanting to move. I got her out of her cage but she just stands...
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    Female or male.

    I know its not the best pic but can you tell me if its male or female... It looks female to me.
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    Hair issue

    I need your help and knowledge. Astrid has a huge patch of hair missing that looks like someone shaved it off. I know its almost summer time here in Greece and that she has started chancing her coat but i am not sure that this patch of missing hair is just Astrid getting her summer coat. Any...
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    Cage update

    After a long time i finally managed to update Astrid's cage and removed the plastic shelving and i got myself wooden ones. I have to admit translating and trying to explain "kiln dried pine" to people was not easy and i still feel insecure that the shelving i got might poison my baby! In my...
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    Fur falling

    I opened Astrids cage and while she was out and i was petting her a huge chunk of fur stayed on my hand. She is behaving normally and eating and pooping normally. The only thing is she is sleeping alot due to heat despite that i have a/c and marble tiles in her cage. Showing you below photo of...
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    update and questions

    Astrid and i are doing great!!! She is an amazing creature and she enjoys getting out of the cage and spending time with me and all the love and attention she gets from the family. Its now a year that we are together and things have settled down and we have found a routine. Lately when...
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    New cage and update

    I know its been some time so i thought to let you all know that astrid is doing fine. She loves to be petted and scratched and talked too and every night we have our own play time where she climbs up on me and runs up and down and jumps all over. She has stopped crying the nights though i have...
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    iron cage for chin

    so i found a wonderful cage for my chin that costs 70 euros that is kind of a high price for me but a friend told me he can make it for me. thing is what kind of iron should the cage be made of? some parts of the cage will ne electrowilding ok in a chin cage? the iron should...
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    Free to roam?

    Astrid is doing well and she gets her playtime everyday in a restricted area and under supervision. Is there a right time to let her lose on a chin proof room to roam?(always under supervision) i've seen vids were the chins walk and run around the rooms freely and i would like to manage and have...
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    How much food?

    I think might be tiring you all but once more i need to ask. Astrid is eating all her pellets now. I have noticed she has a pattern(might be my idea) but she wakes up at about 15:00 my time and is on the look out for food and after she eats she goes back to sleep and then she eats again at night...
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    foot problem?

    so Astrid is being a happy chin these last days... she eats her food and her grass ,poops all over the world and gets her 45 min to 1 hour play time.(though she ingores her toys and seems content to run up and down the stairs.) Yesterday i noticed though she was sleeping funny...her one leg...
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    Cleaning up...and a bit of this and that.

    I've asked a couple of people and said i should change the pellets that are in my chins cage once a week. That creates two questions... is truly once a week? and if it is how do i get her out of her cage to clean it up? :hmm: she has stopped barking at nights and we finally spending time...
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    i am iliana but most friends call me kardelen or kardy. I am the newly and proud owner of a chin named Astrid. My best friend gave her to me as a birthday present. She is 3 months old and she is really cute when not barking through all night. I am kinda out of my depth with my little fluff but...
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    bird sticks?

    i've read somewhere that bird sticks are a good chewing toys for chins. is it true? can i give my 3months old a bird stick to play with and chew on?
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    Help is needed

    Hello everybody... i know this might have already be said but i need some help. I am a new chin owner.Astrid is 3 months old and she has a nice big cage and everything in it toys an all. My friend bought her from a pet store and i got her at the 14th of the month so yesterday was the first...