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    Chinzia - 1 year old female

    Chinzia is a friendly chin who lets everyone scratch her face and neck and lets me pet her and jumps in my lap. She is wonderful.
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    Too hot for Chinzia?

    I got Chinzia in January. The weather stays cool and everything was good. Now the weather can go up and make the room (the only one we can keep her in) go up to the 80's during the day. Is there anything I can put in her cage to keep her cool enough? Thanks.
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    My new chin has mess on her bottom

    I noticed that my new chin, Chinzia, still is not using her litter pan. She must have sat in her urine because now her bottom is full of matted hairs. What do I do?
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    Human food for chinchillas??

    Hi I am a very new chinchilla owner and I am very confused. I found all kinds of information on line that seems to be wrong. Here everyone says don't give your chinchillas any human food? On line I found stuff like this: Fresh Vegetables and Fruits In moderation, fresh vegetables and fruits...
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    New Chinchilla for me.

    Hi, I got a Chinchilla two weeks ago and it is my first one. After having pet rats that died in two years, I needed a longer living pet. Chinzia is great. She jumps on me, plays in the bathroom with me, and likes to snuggle in my housecoat. I just worry she is not getting enough exercise and...