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    Anyone know Dave Sullivan???

    Not quite sure where to post something like this but here goes: Dave Sullivan ordered from me on my website. PayPal randomly decided to review the order and put a hold on it. Dave has not responded to any of my emails or to PayPal's email to him. I would like to fill this order but don't...
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    Saving on Shipping?

    Hope this doesn't confuse everybody but... When you order do you like to be contacted if there is extra room in your box so you can order fill the box? I personally like to know when I order something so I can add to my order. I've also been told that people really don't care about shipping...
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    Wood & Treats

    Check out some new items: Pink Rosebuds - (65 to 75 buds) $2.25 Red Rosebuds and Petals - 1 oz. $1.75 Oat Blend Supplement - 2 oz $5.00 Goji Berries - (65 to 70) $1.25 Perches or Leap Ledges diameters range from 1 1/2" to 3" and length is 5" fir $8.00; 7" for $10.00 and 10" for $13.00. Your...
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    Toy Part Sizes

    What size toy parts does everybody like. I plan on making parts but would like to see what sizes interest people so I thought I would do a poll.
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    Hanging Chin

    Today I found a chin hanging from her top teeth. She had stood up with her back to the back of the cage, pushed her nose outside the cage and hooked her top teeth on the outside top wire. I've had this happen one other time and found that chin dead. This girl is still alive but very...
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    Beige Chins

    I've recently purchased several beige and PW animals and have them in breeding. My experience in the past has been beige are slow sellers. Now I love the color and was wondering if anybody had a thought as to why the beige don't seem to sell very well and if there was something to be done or a...