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  1. Pepperpot

    Heat, and Out of Cage Exercise.

    Just out of curiosity, at what temperature does everyone halt their chin's out of cage exercise? It's un-seasonably hot here today at 23 degrees, but this does not occur often enough here to warrant air con. Anything over 19 degrees outside and my chins are in till the temperature cools.
  2. Pepperpot

    What's Everyone and Their Chins Doing for Christmas?

    It's nearly on us!!! How are everyone and their chins celebrating Christmas. I'll be up at the crack of dawn as usual to do feeds, then it's chin present time, lots and lots of toys. Out for Christmas dinner, and then home to spend quality time with my boys :).
  3. Pepperpot

    Christmas is Coming!!!

    My chins have just handed me their Christmas wish list. Lots of toys, delicious healthy treats and nice new fleece cage liners. What presents has everyone else's chins requested? :1present::MC10:
  4. Pepperpot

    New Babies.

    Thought you guys would like these pictures of the two latest editions to my chinchilla family. Storm is the violet and Zeus is the beige.
  5. Pepperpot

    Yum Yum!!

    My Galen's Garden chinchilla forage order arrived today, and included in it was a lovely organic edible flower mixes which I've not tried my boys with before. Within seconds of putting a small pinch in for each chinchilla, every one of my lads were up and munching happily. Verdict "it's yum yum...
  6. Pepperpot

    It's Getting Better and Better!

    I've been letting Zulu, my little beige rescue chin have some exercise time out of his cage over the last couple of weeks. He's now confident enough to let me gently handle him. This morning, during his run out, he began to popcorn and bounce like a chinchilla should, and then hopped up onto my...
  7. Pepperpot

    Degu! Degu! Degu!.

    Hubby has decided that we are having a pair of degus, which are being collected tomorrow. They are boys, one an agouti, and one a blue, both aged sixteen weeks. Does anyone else on here keep degus? Although I'm fully aware of the basics, I may need to pick brains regarding the fine tuning...
  8. Pepperpot

    Three Naughty Boys!!

    At around five twenty this morning, a loud crash was heard in the chin room. I shot upstairs fearing the worst, and was confronted by the hanging fleece snuggle house on the cage floor, with three heads poking out of it. Salt had chewed through one of the webbing straps that it hangs from, and...
  9. Pepperpot

    Zulu Update.

    Zulu is now interacting with me on a daily basis. He loves snuggling in fleeces and woolly jumpers, will feed from my hand with confidence, is playing a lot more with his toys and gruffs to me when I go into the chin room. He's gaining weight and filling out and in general, becoming the...
  10. Pepperpot

    Favourite Scritching Place.

    What are your chin's favourite scritching places guys? I ask this out of curiosity having just come out of my chin room after spending nearly half an hour giving Ziggy, my dark ebony boy his daily ration. I start with the top of his head, move to the back of his ears, then he lifts up his front...
  11. Pepperpot

    A Beautiful Chinchilla Experience!!

    I'd like to share with you all a beautiful and very rewarding chinchilla experience I had with my ten month old beige male Zulu today. Zulu is a rescue case, and came from a home where he was kept in a tiny cage, and fed crap. When he came to me, he was underweight and a stress bucket. It's...
  12. Pepperpot

    snuggle Buddies.

    I've currently got several snuggle buddies on order for one of my beige males, Zulu, who is housed on his own. I've never had any experience of using these with a chinchilla before. What are you guy's opinions of them and what sort of antics do your furballs get up to with them? :hmm:
  13. Pepperpot

    Chinchilla Kisses.

    How many of you guys have chinchillas who will give kisses/groom you? Pepper Jason Salt Zulu Mark and Merlin will do both. Chilli Tigger and Ziggy will groom, but not kiss.:kiss:
  14. Pepperpot

    What Directed Us?

    I'm curious just what exactly directed us all to becoming chin parents. For me, it was seeing a pair of young males in the pet shop being poked by some obnoxious child and knowing I had to give them a loving home. Pepper and Jason were my first chinchillas, and the love affair with them has...
  15. Pepperpot


    Just out of curiosity, how vocal are your chins guys? Out of nine, I only have two who are actively vocal. Zulu is still a little skittish and occasionally alarms in the night. Ziggy makes a honking sound, a bit like an elephant seal when he wants interaction, or treats are been handed out. :hmm:
  16. Pepperpot

    Pepper's Cute Antics

    I thought I would share with you all an extremely cute antic regarding Pepper, my white mosaic boy. Pepper is around a year old and lives with his cage mate Jason, to whom he is devoted. Pepper lives primarily to eat hay, and to get in mischief. About two months after he came to live with me, he...
  17. Pepperpot

    How Does your Chinchilla Accept a Treat?

    I'm interested to know how your chinchillas accept any treat offered to them, with a paw, or by mouth. This poll is based upon personal observation of my own chinchillas. Out of my nine, six accept treats by mouth and three accept treats by paw(s).
  18. Pepperpot

    Rabbit Pellets.

    I'm curious as to the dynamics behind feeding chinchillas a mixture of chinchilla and rabbit pellets. In England, this would be classed as a big no no. Are the rabbit pellets available in America nearer the consistency of chinchilla pellets?
  19. Pepperpot


    Hi Guys, Thought you might like this picture of my two kits, Mark (tan) and Merlin (medium ebony).
  20. Pepperpot


    Just out of interest, how many of you on here give your chinchillas cuttlefish as a source of calcium, and if you do give it, how often?:chin2: