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  1. Mookie

    Chinchilla For Sale Single female mosaic chin

    Hi all, I really hate to be making this post right now, but I need to rehome my 14 year old female mosaic chinchilla. She's been living at my parents house for a while due to my husband's allergies. I recently started a new job and I haven't been able to get to their house to care for her and...
  2. Mookie

    Critter nation add on unit NJ

    Hello! I am looking for a used critter nation add on unit. I am located in northern NJ, but would be willing to travel a bit to pick up (ex PA/NY)
  3. Mookie

    Some Items and Cages for Sale

    I am moving and trying to get rid of all of the old chinnie stuff that I have and no longer need. 1. I have a silver surfer in purple for sale for $35. The edges are a bit chewed up, but otherwise is in good condition. 2. I have the upper unit of a critter nation for sale for $135. It...
  4. Mookie

    Fleece liners?

    I'm looking for 2/3 fleece liners for a critter nation, no cutout! If anyone is making and selling these please let me know 😊
  5. Mookie

    Looking for a hidey house and some wood!

    Hello! It is time for me to switch out the old wood in my chins cage and replace it with some fresh new wood! I have been looking around, but can't seem to find what I am looking for. I am looking for a hidey house that is two levels, and not very long, just tall. I am looking for a similar...
  6. Mookie

    Critter nation with metal pans

    Hi all, I am trying to sell my double unit critter nation. It has metal pans and is in good condition. There are a few (like 2 or three) of the bars that are broken. But it doesn't affect the cage at all. I will be selling the cn and pans $250 plus shipping. Shipping isnt necessary if you would...
  7. Mookie

    bonded male pair

    Hi, I have a pink white male bonded with a violet male that I am looking to rehome due to college and economic issues. They are very sweet, the pink white is 3 years old and the violet is 2. The cost for the pair is $150. Pet homes only, please pm me if you're interested :) I am located in...
  8. Mookie

    looking for some fleece items

    Its about that time of year to redecorate the chin cages :) I'm looking for a pvc tube, along with an extra fleece cover, a set of liners for a CN, and potentially one hanging house. Also, I need to purchase some apple sticks! Please let me know if someone has all these things. I'd like to...
  9. Mookie

    Pawing at Mouth

    My chinchilla has recently begun pawing at her mouth and making faces when she's eating. I know this is a sign of teeth problems. Should I take her to a vet? Could this be anything else? She never used to do this, I've only noticed it more recently
  10. Mookie

    What do I do? Is she pregnant?

    I hadn't been in the chin room since like mid-day last night to tonight and I went in and found one of my boys in my girl's cage. The girl is almost 7 years old and the boy is from her offspring and is around 3. They are both whites (one pink white, one mosaic)- which scares me since you aren't...
  11. Mookie

    What's going on?? (Pictures included)

    I took Milo to the vet last Wednesday because he appeared to have an infected wound of some sort of his arm. The vet prescribed antibiotics, probiotics, and a cleaning solution for it. After further looking at his leg, I no longer believe it is an infected wound.. I don't know what it is. He is...
  12. Mookie

    Swollen leg?!

    So I have recently introduced my chinchillas Mo and Milo. They seem to get along great and have no problems. The other day I noticed a bald patch on Milo's arm and tried to look at it, but couldn't see anything. It looked bigger today so I took him out to further examine. I noticed this huge...
  13. Mookie

    Got my new baby!

    Here's my new baby boy! <3 He is a violet! I can't choose what I should name him! I'm stuck between Milo and Cosmo? What do you guys think? I have a Misty, Cookie, and Mo right now! Sorry these pictures aren't very good, I'll try to get some better ones when he settles in a bit more!
  14. Mookie

    What age can they have wheels?

    I was wondering, what age is a good age to let your chinchillas have a wheel in their cage?
  15. Mookie

    Bad fur?

    I was curious, for a violet chinchilla, what fur qualities are bad? I noticed this violet has white patches on its side (or it made be fur slipping?). Is this good or bad compared to this other chinchilla? Do these patches tend to go away as they age? or even this one compared to
  16. Mookie

    Thoughts on this cage?

    I am getting a new chinchilla hopefully soon, and my friend offered to give me her old cage which is this cage- What do you guys think about this cage? I know I have to switch out the plastic for wood, but is it hard...
  17. Mookie

    Might be getting new chin!

    So I may be getting a new chinnie to hopefully bond with my pink white male! I found a beautiful violet male on craigslist that I really want, but I am nervous about fighting. I have my CN cage split in half and I have a castrated male/ femal pair on the bottom and my male on the top. If I bond...
  18. Mookie

    Chinchilla summary?

    I wasn't really sure where to put this... but for my 4h, they want everyone to do a presentation on small animals. Me, being the chinchilla freak, am doing chinchilla care. I was thinking though, there is so much things! What main things do you guys think I should talk about? It has to be about...
  19. Mookie

    rat baby :) hey guys so my brothers snake wouldn't eat so I was taking care of the rat and surprise it had 7 babies! So I temporarily and taking care of ratties :) this is a video of 10 day old Bernard sucking on his finger. I love him...
  20. Mookie

    Getting prepared for show?

    I was wondering about how you all gt ready for chin shows. I might be attending my first for the NY/NE show :). I have blue cloud dust that my chins are using now. Do you give them the same amount of dustbaths? How about brushing? I have a wire brush (It has been used for my dog) and I have...