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  1. Kimbomoshi

    Baby angel moshi 😇

    She's a standard Grey born November of 2021 (she was about 2 months when I got her in January of this year) she likes to sit on my head (as seen in pictures below) she also loves zoomies and popcorning. She's also a little escape artist anytime I try to clean her cage and she loves to stand on...
  2. Kimbomoshi

    would these items be safe

    Haha i have that burger kabob my lil girl seems to loves it. I don't see any glue on mine so should be safe
  3. Kimbomoshi

    New chin mommy here

    Thank you
  4. Kimbomoshi

    New chin mommy here

    Thank you that makes me feel better cause she was always by herself since we got her/never had a cagemate and now she's bonding very well with us (maybe me a bit more though since I'm primary care taker) but I definitely wouldn't wanna ruin that bond
  5. Kimbomoshi

    New chin mommy here

    Hi! I'm owned by a sassy feisty and cuddly chin named moshi she is about 3 months old and we found this forum right when I got her. I wanna be as informed as possible to make sure I do everything right. Only the best for my spoiled little girl haha