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  1. kyrosh

    Viktor and Jayce

    These are Viktor and Jayce! I adopted them at the start of this year from our local shelter, they were given up because they apparently didn't get along with the rest of the Chinchilla pack the previous owner had. They are said to be 7 and 8 years old but I don't know which one is the older one...
  2. kyrosh

    He's kinda snappy?

    So ive had Viktor and Jayce for a couple of months now and Jayce i can pet and pick up at this point, which is pretty great progress! He doesn't particularly enjoy it but he tolerates it enough. Viktor however really doesnt like being touched and will just run off accordingly. I dont try to...
  3. kyrosh

    First playtime!

    I chin-proofed my room and let my boys roam a little bit, Viktor seems very keen on it (especially since he already escaped out of the cage twice xD) and is in and out, exploring, he seems to enjoy it! However - Jayce is kind of just.. a sitting duck. A loaf in his usual spot. He moves less...
  4. kyrosh

    Viktor.. sleeps a little strange..

    So I've had Viktor and Jayce for about two weeks now and I can't help but notice that Viktor.. is a little odd? when it comes to sitting on his favorite platform and sleeping up there? He's had me worried at points because I've heard that sometimes Chinchillas sit like this because theyre in...
  5. kyrosh

    Scooting close to my hand?

    So i haven't had my chins for very long (only for 1,5 weeks now) - I got them from the shelter and they are somewhat used to humans but of course still a little skittish. So I am spending time with them every day to get them used to me, talking to them and handing them little snacks and letting...
  6. kyrosh

    Meet Viktor and Jayce!

    Heyo! My name is Kyle and I am a completely new chinchilla owner :D I adopted these two handsome boys a week ago from our local shelter, theyre 6 and 7 years old! Because I couldnt keep their original names apart (Danzer and Daimon) I ended up renaming them to Viktor and Jayce. This is the...