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    Hi this is Minato, he’s a chinchilla. He doesn’t play too much, but he does love to be pet and sometimes get treats when allowed. He has a serious attitude but truly stole my heart. He’s very calm although he loves to climb!
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    Chinchilla Bad Spot CONCERNED

    Hi everyone I really hope you guys can help me. I’ve had Minato since March and I’ve never noticed this problem. He has a bald spot near his leg, but there’s no rash or bruising that I know of. There’s a picture below. I noticed the feeling yesterday but when I checked, I didn’t see the bald...
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    Matted fur, again

    Hi, I had a previous situation where my chinchillas hair was matted from the previous owner. I was told to either try to tug on it (carefully) or to use a brush comb that’s special for his fur. As much as I carefully and patiently try tugging on it, it won’t loosen up. I used the comb with many...
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    Chinchilla Dry Ears?

    Hi everyone, I have my 2 year old chin who I rescued not too long ago from a lady who would shower him with water instead of dust and came to me with dry ears. I’ve took him to the vet, but to be honest I don’t trust the vet anymore so I stopped going to him. I was given a Tresaderm oil...
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    Matted fur

    Hi, I rescued my chin about a month ago and I found out that his previous owners use to bathe him in water instead of dust. Once I took him to the vet, I was told to give him a bath every other day due to his matted fur from the water. I’m not sure what to do in this scenario because I know...
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    Minato and Chili!

    Hi there! I’d like to introduce my two babies, 2 year old Minato and 3 year old Chili! These babies were rescued, Minato on March 27th and Chili on April 30th. They each have their different and own personalities but most certainly make me smile each day:) I hope to get to know other chin buds...
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    2 year old chin

    Hello! I have a 2 year old male chin that I rescued. The concern I’m having is that he hasn’t been eating well. He doesn’t like pellets or hay, but drinks his fresh water well. This might be some useful info for him: What I do to get him to eat: -I found out he loves to eat dried peas that I...