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  1. Chin-ma

    Chinchilla-Houdini edition

    Would like to see some of your chinchillas best escapes/hiding spots. Share the backstories please. A bit to start it. I have taken my chinchilla outside to chill on a hammock, catch some sunlight. It didn't seem to be interested in the views though. 1. When we sat down. 2. Where did it go?
  2. Chin-ma


    Hello there, My husband introduced me to chinchillas when we first met 5 years ago and now i would like to introduce to you my 6- membered chinchilla gang. Its 3 males and 3 females (gotta be balanced), 3 standard greys and 3 blacks. The names are: Females- Tosia, Mika, Kida. Males- Midas...