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  1. J

    Water types

    Is water from a natural spring okay for a chin? We have a flowing spring that we get water from as our city water is filled with chemicals. Would the spring water be okay to give to my chin?
  2. J

    Heathy chin passed

    What can cause a chin to go from being healthy and happy to lethargic to death in a matter of 8 hours? I had a male 5 month old chin who was happy and healthy yesterday he was a little more grumpy and sleepy than usual but I did not think much of it. And in the wee early hours of this morning...
  3. J

    Chinchilla chew toys

    I need some ideas for chew toys for my chin. Ive had him for 3 weeks now. He is roughly 3/4 months of age. I bought a package of willow sticks and hes hardly touched them. I also bought a package of apple sticks which he will eagerly eat the outside off but that is all. In his cage he also has...
  4. J

    No pill fleece liners

    I just got my first chinchilla this past week. After lots of research I decided to use fleece. Today I was sewing some liners and I relized that because of the cage I have its very difficult to get the "pillowcase" style of liners on and off the trays. Since the trays have 3 snaps to the metal...