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  1. UnknownGal

    Animal Cribs Chinchilla

    Just curious, what do you guys think of Animal Cribs the Chinchilla Chill Pad episode (season 2 episode 2) from Animal Planet. I thought it looked cool but something feels off to me but I can't describe as to why that is.
  2. UnknownGal

    Putting a chinchilla on their back?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but I have a question, is it safe to put a chinchilla on their back? I saw on TV they sometimes put chinchillas on their back for health checks but they also show them in a sitting position for a health/gender check and was wondering if them being on their...
  3. UnknownGal


    Do chinchilla's need to be groomed? I know they need dust baths but do they need to be brushed and have nails clipped? If so what kind of comb and nail clippers do you use? And how do you do it?
  4. UnknownGal

    Minato and Chili!

    Your chinchillas are so cute!
  5. UnknownGal

    Happy birthday/gotcha day Wicket

    Sorry if this is late but happy Gotcha Day Wicket! 🌹 Rose as a treat
  6. UnknownGal

    Proper way to handle a chinchilla?

    I was looking at different ways to handle/hold rabbits and started to wonder if there's a proper way to handle/hold a chinchilla. If there is do you have any videos or pictures to show it?
  7. UnknownGal


    Those are really cute names!
  8. UnknownGal


    I forgot to post this earlier but I hope you guys had a great Easter but if you don't celebrate Easter I hope your Sunday was amazing or at least good. Also, happy April holidays!
  9. UnknownGal


    Final part for names! Feisty Helena/Helen Zippy Terry/Terri Miles Niles Denali Logan Noodles Bo/Boe/Bow Otto Brielle Knox Nyx Galaxy Snip/Snippy Holly Angel Gizmo/Gizzy/Gizzie Merry/Merrie Aura/Aurora Fin/Finn Whisper/Whispers Brady/Bradie Hero/Hiro Harmony Cash Marly/Marlie Aubade Brio Shiron...
  10. UnknownGal


    Some more names! Fancy Quillson Wilson Lockette Eider Zorro Harry/Hairy/Harey Lacy Alice Percival/Percy Chipper/Chippy Ash Aiden Annika Zara Dash Pascoe Ennis Eos Eagon Alarna Olivia Élan Rosa-Lee/Rosa Lee/Rosalee/Rosa Bonny/Bonnie Julius Krystäl Valentine/Valentino/Valentina Dragon Star/Starr...
  11. UnknownGal

    Hello all

    Thank you!
  12. UnknownGal

    Hello all

    Thank you for the welcoming! I noticed that people on here say A LOT of different stuff compared to other research that I did and honestly I felt like people on this site know more about what they're talking about.
  13. UnknownGal


    I made a list of names in hope that it can help someone. Feel free to add some of your own! Gadget Digit Charcoal Ivory Agarni (said as ah gar knee) Razilee (r ah z i lee) Jack Bubbles Blossom William Oakley Lollipop/Lolly Acorn Chauncey Honeycomb/Honey Merry Koda Berry Cherry Robin Charm...
  14. UnknownGal

    Hello all

    No problem and it's been good so far
  15. UnknownGal

    Water bowl vs water bottle

    Thanks for the reply you all, this was very informative!
  16. UnknownGal

    Water bowl vs water bottle

    I researched that some people use a water bowl rather than a water bottle since it's "more natural" but I also researched that most people prefer a water bottle. I know chinchilla's can't get wet but why is that? Will they (much like rabbits (I know rabbits are lagomorphs and a chinchilla is a...
  17. UnknownGal

    Hello all

    I am!
  18. UnknownGal

    Chin coming home Saturday!

    He looks super cute! Congrats on your new furbaby!
  19. UnknownGal

    Hello all

    Hello! I've been coming to this forum a lot lately but I don't own a chinchilla nor a hedgehogso I don't know why I registered. I do want a chinchilla in the distant future and my older sister wants a hedgehog in the future but for now I'm content on doing research on chinchilla's and hedgehogs...