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  1. Sage12

    Living in two places?

    Hi there! I have not been on in a while. My parents are taking a break and my mom is moving out. I am not quite old enough to move out yet. I will be with both parents an equal amount of time. I have two options for my chinchilla. I could have her stay at my moms. My mom would take care of her...
  2. Sage12

    What is she doing?

    I come in the room. There is a click and then what sounds like a snore. She continues to do this. I have a video but I don’t know how to post it. She also moves her neck really weird which I am most concerned about. I have a video but don’t know how to post it. How do I post it? I am very concerned.
  3. Sage12

    Is this safe?

    I got this from Zoey and Lilo’s toy box but it has something that looks like string on it. Is it ok to use?
  4. Sage12

    Angora Chinchillas

    I am curious about them. I think they are adorable. One day I may be able to own one. I can’t spend the 1000 on a chinchilla right now. Is there anything wrong with them health wise? Are they more likely to overheat? Are they hard to groom?
  5. Sage12

    How to get pee out of carpet?

    I am planning on putting something under the cage. My white carpet is stained with pee. I have tried vinegar and a cleaner for cats and dogs and you can still see it. Is there anyway for me get the stain out?
  6. Sage12

    How to clean a hay bag?

    I have a hay bag that was peed on but I can’t put it in the washer with all of this on it.
  7. Sage12

    Safe tape?

    I built a playpen out of cardboard and didn’t think she could get to the duct tape. Well she can, I had to stop her so is there a safe tape I can use instead. The duct tape is on the outside of the playpen. This is what it looks like. She gets to it where the fleece is draped and low corners.
  8. Sage12

    Can chinchillas be clicker trained?

    If chinchillas can be clicker trained how would you do it? Would you train them like you would a dog or do it differently?
  9. Sage12

    Playpen Ideas

    What should I put in a playpen? I know I could use chew toys. What else could I use to make it fun for Sage?
  10. Sage12

    How many crushed rose hips?

    I received crushed rose hips today from Quality Cage Crafters. I know chinchillas can have up to one rose hip a day but how do I measure crushed rose hips?
  11. Sage12

    Just a cute picture.

    I had to be very careful to get these.
  12. Sage12

    Where can I get tile cut?

    I have tile for Sage’s cage. Lowe’s does not cut tile anymore, they even got rid of their tile cutter. I don’t really want to get a wet saw for three pieces of tile. I also have never used one. Where should I get it cut?
  13. Sage12

    Drinking enough water?

    I know chinchillas don’t drink a lot of water but it still doesn’t seem like much. I give Sage fresh water every other day. This is how much she has drank since Monday.
  14. Sage12

    Should I get my chinchilla a friend?

    I have a double critter nation. I would hope they get along but if they don’t I can divide it. I got Sage March 8th. What are the pros and cons of getting a friend for her? Do you think it is worth it?
  15. Sage12

    Have Some Questions

    Hi, we got our standard gray chinchilla Sage a little less than 2 1/2 months ago. She is in a double critter nation. She was 5 or 6 months when we got her. I don’t know the exact age because we got her from PetSmart. How high should her water bottle be? I want it to be comfortable for her to...